Including a PDF document in your PowerPoint presentation can be very useful to provide additional information to your audience. There are a couple easy methods to embed a PDF file into a PowerPoint slide.

Method 1: Insert PDF as an Object

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation and navigate to the slide where you want to insert the PDF file.
  2. On the Insert tab, click on Object in the Text group. Insert Object
  3. In the Object dialog box, select Create from File. Create from File
  4. Click Browse to locate and select the PDF file you want to insert.
  5. Click OK.

This inserts the PDF as an object into the PowerPoint slide. The PDF will appear as an icon that can be double-clicked to open the file.

Method 2: Convert PDF to PowerPoint Slides

If you want to insert the contents of a PDF file directly into PowerPoint slides, you can use an online PDF to PowerPoint converter tool. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Choose Files and select the PDF file from your computer. Choose PDF File
  3. Click Convert to PowerPoint.
  4. After a few moments, a PowerPoint presentation containing the converted slides will be created. Click Download to save the PPTX file to your computer.
  5. Open the PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint. You can now edit the slides as needed.

Tips for Inserting PDFs

  • Verify that the PDF file is formatted properly before inserting into PowerPoint. Fix any errors or issues first.
  • Adjust the size of the inserted PDF to fit appropriately within the slide. Resize or crop images if needed.
  • For accessibility, add alternative text (alt text) descriptions to any images inserted from PDFs.
  • Test the functionality of links or bookmarks inserted from PDFs.
  • Review text formatting, fonts, colors after insertion to ensure it fits with the presentation theme.
  • Consider highlighting only key excerpts from a PDF to include rather than inserting the full document.

Benefits of Adding PDFs to PowerPoint

  • Provides additional information to audience without needing to create separate handouts.
  • Adds credibility by allowing audience to view source documents.
  • Reduces file size rather than inserting all content as images.
  • Retains original formatting and layout of PDF document.
  • Allows audience to further explore documents by providing links to original PDFs.

Section Breakdown


Brief background on use cases for inserting PDFs into PowerPoint and overview of methods covered in article.

Method 1

Step-by-step instructions to insert PDF as object that can be clicked to open file.

Method 2

Step-by-step instructions to convert PDF file into editable PowerPoint slides.


Best practices when working with inserted PDFs in PowerPoint presentations.


Summary of advantages to adding PDF documents to PowerPoint slides.


Inserting a PDF into PowerPoint is easy whether you want to include it as an integrated object or import and edit it as part of the presentation slides. Following formatting best practices helps ensure the inserted content fits seamlessly. Providing PDF excerpts or links to supplemental documents can greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of your next PowerPoint presentation.