5 Simple Quotes Layout PowerPoint Template

5 Simple Quotes Layout PowerPoint Template

Sometimes you just want to put a relevant quote to your presentation. Instead of combining the quote with your content, putting the quote to the dedicated slide is highly preferable since your audience can easily know what the quote is and the author.

In this PowerPoint template, there are 5 design you can pick and all of them created in mind to be as simple as possible. It also provides 5 distinctive color scheme you probably love to use. Those slides are also not yet animated to give you a freedom how the citation should be shown according to its topic.

[page_title] is the best for implementing single citation to your presentation slide or even just to emphasizing important text from your presentation.


  • 5 layout with its own color and design
  • Pretty simple, letting your audience to focus
  • Using the best font system


Format PPTX
Aspect ratio Standard 4:3
Slides 5
Font* Century Gothic, Arial, Gill Sans MT, Tahoma, Georgia
Animated No
Editable Yes
License CC BY 4.0
Created using Microsoft PowerPoint 365
Author Vegaslide

*We do not include font file inside the template.

Protected under CC-BY 4.0 — You must keep the credit when using this template.

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