9 Best PowerPoint Add-ins for Consultants

Consultants spend a significant amount of time creating PowerPoint presentations. To help improve efficiency, many rely on PowerPoint add-ins that provide useful features beyond the native software. This article outlines the 9 best PowerPoint add-ins for consultants.

1. PPT Productivity

PPT Productivity is designed specifically for consultants and business professionals. It packs 180+ time-saving tools to help you create polished presentations faster.

Key features:

  • Slide library to easily reuse slides and content
  • Tools to align, distribute, and format objects
  • Advanced chart creation and data linking
  • Branding capabilities to ensure style consistency

2. Think-Cell

Think-Cell specializes in advanced charts and graphs not possible in native PowerPoint. The charts update dynamically when you change the data.

Key features:

  • Create stunning data charts beyond PowerPoint’s capabilities
  • Charts update automatically when data changes
  • Tools for arranging chart elements
  • Animate charts to highlight insights

3. Slidely

Slidely offers customizable slide templates covering various business topics. The templates help consultants quickly build professional presentations.

Key features:

  • Thousands of quality presentation templates
  • Covers business, marketing, technology and more
  • Customize colors, fonts and layouts
  • Drag-and-drop to add charts, icons and images

4. Templafy

Templafy connects PowerPoint to your company template library and brand assets. It ensures brand consistency across all presentations.

Key features:

  • Real-time access to approved templates and assets
  • Tools to create company-compliant slides fast
  • Asset library of images, logos and icons
  • Updates presentations if brand guidelines change

5. PowerPointLabs

PowerPointLabs augments PowerPoint with advanced functionality. It helps create more dynamic and engaging presentations.

Key features:

  • Animate and emphasize objects for more impact
  • Tools to align and position objects intuitively
  • Features to morph images and shapes
  • Options to clone slides and apply batch edits

6. LiveWeb

LiveWeb lets you embed live web pages in slides, displaying real-time data. This helps presentations stay up-to-date.

Key features:

  • Embed live websites into slides
  • Display real-time data from web apps
  • Animate web embeds for more interactivity
  • Support for dynamic graphs and dashboards

7. Pickit

Pickit provides access to thousands of professionally designed images, diagrams, and icons. This saves time searching for visuals.

Key features:

  • Searchable library of photos, graphics and icons
  • Advanced filters to find relevant visuals
  • Tools to edit images within PowerPoint
  • Options to customize visuals to your brand

8. SlideLizard

SlideLizard specializes in creating interactive presentations. It offers easy ways to engage your audience.

Key features:

  • Add quizzes, surveys and assessments
  • Embed video and audio into slides
  • Annotate and highlight slide content
  • Get viewer analytics to refine content

9. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai uses AI to generate design ideas and presentation outlines. This stimulates creativity for impactful slides.

Key features:

  • AI-powered creative design suggestions
  • Outline mode structures presentation content
  • Options to recolor designs
  • Tools to resize layouts easily

These PowerPoint add-ins provide the extra functionality consultants need to work more efficiently and effectively. Evaluate your needs, then install one or more add-ins to boost your productivity.