How to Add YouTube Videos to Google Slides

A video can change the overall mood of your audiences!


From the serious to the calm and cheerful tone, videos always engage the audience better than just delivering a speech. This is the very reason why YouTube is becoming the primary source for entertainment.

If you want to play a YouTube video but find it difficult to shift from a tab to another tab while presenting your Google Slides presentation, then you must learn how to add YouTube videos to Google Slides.

A simple trick and could help you look professional without being panic which tab the video should be ready.

Here is the guide how to add YouTube videos to Google Slides:

1. Open the video you want to add on YouTube

find a youtube video

2. Click Share then click Copy Link next to the video URL

copy video link

3. Next step you want to open the presentation you want to add the videos to. Then click on the slide

main slide

4. Click Insert then Videos.

Add YouTube Videos to Google Slides

5. Basically you can search for the topic or title, but since we already have the URL, click By URL

6. Paste the URL and wait until the preview appears, then click Select

Add Youtube videos to Google Slides

7. Congrats! It will look like this. You can resize and drag to move it elsewhere on the slide

8. You can also adjust the length of the video and a lot of options in Format Options

Your video is ready to play! As long you have the internet connection, you can play the YouTube video directly without downloading or going to the YouTube first.


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