Thank you for visiting this page. doesn’t accept any kind of banner or opportunity to try a different ad network. But we are still open to a sponsored article under the following conditions:

  1. Clear disclosure is necessary. The article would be marked as “Sponsored Post”
  2. Outbound links would be tagged as “nofollow” (and “Sponsored”)
  3. Only links with relevant niche with are allowed
  4. The article has to be unique and has a high-quality value
  5. There may be other requirements that are not listed here

Should you be interested, please reach us here and fill out the form for further review.

The cost per sponsored article is flat $19. It can be paid via PayPal or Ethereum.

Please keep in mind, that although we would be very excited to collaborate with your brand or business, we put quality and relevancy above everything else. In case your website is not suited well to this blog we may collaborate on something else in the future.

Thank you.

Updated on November 13, 2021, at 22:20 GMT+7