All the Best Google Slides Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Slides is a powerful presentation software that allows users to create beautiful and engaging slide decks. One of the best things about Google Slides is all the handy keyboard shortcuts that can help you work faster and more efficiently.

In this blog post, we will cover a comprehensive list of the best Google Slides keyboard shortcuts to help you master this software and create presentations more quickly. Whether you are a regular Google Slides user or just getting started, read on to learn shortcuts that will save you time with formatting, navigation, slide management, and more!

Top Google Slides Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation Shortcuts

Navigating through your presentation quickly is key for efficient editing. Here are some top shortcuts for getting around your slide deck:

  • Left/Right arrows – Navigate to previous/next slide
  • Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down – Move to first/last slide
  • Ctrl + M – Open presenter notes view
  • Ctrl + Shift + H – Show list of all slides in presentation

Formatting Shortcuts

Applying formatting to text and objects is essential in Google Slides. These shortcuts will help speed up styling:

  • Ctrl + B – Bold selected text or object
  • Ctrl + I – Italicize selected text or object
  • Ctrl + U – Underline selected text or object
  • Ctrl + Shift + > – Increase font size of selected text
  • Ctrl + Shift + < – Decrease font size of selected text
  • Ctrl + Shift + L – Justify paragraph alignment
  • Ctrl + Shift + E – Center alignment
  • Ctrl + Shift + R – Right alignment

Slide Management Shortcuts

Managing your overall slide deck is critical. Use these shortcuts for easy slide manipulation:

  • Ctrl + M – Insert new slide
  • Ctrl + Shift + + – Insert slide duplicate
  • Ctrl + Shift + - – Delete current slide
  • Ctrl + K – Show presenter notes for current slide

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Some other very handy Google Slides shortcuts include:

  • Ctrl + Z – Undo last action
  • Ctrl + Y – Redo last action
  • Ctrl + C – Copy selected item
  • Ctrl + V – Paste copied item
  • Ctrl + X – Cut selected item
  • Ctrl + A – Select all content on current slide
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P – Start presenter view

Presentation Shortcuts

When actually presenting your Google Slides deck, these shortcuts are extremely helpful for smooth delivery:

  • Right/Left arrows – Go to next/previous slide
  • Down arrow – Go to next animation or show next bullet point
  • S – Show laser pointer to highlight areas of slide
  • B – Make screen go black
  • W – Make screen go white
  • Esc – End slideshow presentation mode


Mastering these Google Slides keyboard shortcuts will help you work faster and minimize repetitive actions like clicking buttons or digging through menus. Refer back to this list when creating your next presentation to utilize shortcuts for navigation, formatting, slide management, and presenting.

Over time, these shortcuts will become muscle memory allowing you to keep your hands on the keyboard and your eyes on the slides. Boost your productivity and take your Google Slides skills to the next level with all these fantastic tips.