Best Google Slides Add-Ons for Presentations

Giving presentations is an integral part of both work and education. Whether you need to pitch a business idea, teach a class, or present research findings, Google Slides is a popular tool for creating visually engaging slides. But the basic features may not be enough to create a presentation that wows your audience.

That’s where add-ons come in handy! Google Slides add-ons are extensions that give you additional functionality to take your slides up a notch. With the right add-ons, you can boost engagement, simplify workflows, and make your presentations pop.

In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best Google Slides add-ons to supercharge your next presentation.

Why Use Add-Ons for Google Slides?

Here are some of the key benefits of using add-ons:

  • Save time – Many add-ons automate repetitive tasks like inserting icons or images so you can focus on content.
  • Enhance engagement – Add interactivity, polls, and quizzes to boost audience participation.
  • Improve workflows – Integrate slides with other G Suite apps for smoother collaboration.
  • Make better visuals – Quickly create charts, diagrams, and other graphics to illustrate concepts.
  • Customize branding – Ensure font consistency and incorporate brand assets for a polished look.

The 10 Best Google Slides Add-Ons

Based on user reviews and expert recommendations, here are 10 fantastic add-ons to try out:

1. Pear Deck

Make presentations interactive by embedding questions, drawing tools, and formative assessments. Students and colleagues can actively participate.

2. Lucidchart Diagrams

Quickly build flowcharts, org charts, UML diagrams, and more to clearly communicate concepts. The add-on ensures full fidelity between Lucidchart and Slides.

3. Unsplash

Search Unsplash’s massive library of stunning, high-resolution photography and easily insert images into slides with proper attribution.

4. SlidesMania

Choose from thousands of professionally designed presentation templates with this add-on for instant access to slides, fonts, color palettes, and layouts.

5. ChartExpo

Visualize data beautifully by creating interactive charts and graphs that are linked dynamically to your spreadsheet or dataset.

6. Slidesgo

Browse Slidesgo’s presentation templates featuring modern designs, infographics, and illustrations. Easily customize the content while maintaining brand consistency.

7. Insert Icons

Save hours of searching by accessing Iconfinder’s database of customizable icons from this simple add-on. Millions available for free!

8. Easy Accents

Quickly add accent marks to text with this handy tool. Supports over 100 languages.

9. Kaizena

Streamline feedback and approvals on slide decks by allowing collaborators to add comments and annotations directly within Slides.

10. ShapeApp

Spice up your next presentation by using ShapeApp to insert animated icons, characters, and illustrations that capture attention.

Get Started with Add-Ons Today

The add-ons above represent just a sample of what’s available to make your presentations pop. Browse the add-on store within Slides to explore more options tailored to your needs.

With the right add-ons, you can save time, boost engagement, enhance branding, and take your slides from basic to brilliant. Try out some of these add-ons the next time you need to give a winning presentation!