How to Make Bling Animation in PowerPoint

Adding a bling effect to photos is an easy way to make them look more attractive and eye-catching. Microsoft PowerPoint has a great feature that allows you to add a bling effect to your photo.

This feature can be used to add sparkle, gleam, and other effects to your photos, making them look more professional and polished. Let’s dig it.

1. Right-click the slide and select Format Background.

2. Select Picture or texture fill, and click Insert.

3. Select From a file.

4. Choose an image with a dark background. Click Insert.

5. Now go to Insert tab, Shapes, and select Star: 4 Points.

6. Draw a star and put it in the right position.

source: aldarwish

7. In the Shape Format tab, go to Shape Fill, and give it a white color.

8. Next in Shape Outline, give it No Outline.

9. Right-click the star, and select Format Shape.

10. In Soft Edges, set Size to 5 pt.

11. Now repeat steps #5 – #10 but this time with Star: 7 Points.

12. You can also duplicate by pressing Ctrl + D and giving a slight rotation.

13. And now for the tricky part, the bling animation. Select one of the stars, go to the Animations tab, and select Grow & Turn.

14. Continue to Add Animation, select Shrink & Turn.

15. Click Animation Pane, click the second order, and select Start After Previous.

16. To imitate the animation sequence from the first star to the other stars, select the first star and click Animation Painter.

17. Your cursor will change into a brush, now select the second star.

18. Back to Animation Pane, click the third order, and select Start With Previous.

19. For the fourth order, select Start After Previous.

20. For the third star, fourth star, and so on, repeat steps #16 – #19. Your animation sequence will be like this.

Now run your slideshow, and show your bling.

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