Can I Open a Word Document in PowerPoint 2013?

Yes, you can open a Word document in PowerPoint 2013 in a few different ways:

Import the Word Document as an Object

  • Open the Word document you want to import in Word
  • In PowerPoint, insert an object
  • Select “Create from File” and browse to select the Word doc
  • PowerPoint will insert the Word document as an object


  • Retains Word formatting
  • Remains linked to the original Word document


  • Converts contents to images, so not editable
  • Large file size

Use the Word Outline as a Base

  • Structure Word doc with Heading 1 for slide titles and Heading 2 for slide text
  • In PowerPoint, select “New Slide” > “Slides from Outline”
  • Select the formatted Word doc to automatically create slides


  • Editable content
  • Smaller file size


  • Loses some Word formatting
  • Text needs to be manually formatted

Convert with Export to PowerPoint

  • Available in Word for the web
  • Select “Export” > “Export to PowerPoint Presentation”
  • Chooses theme and inserts text, images, icons automatically


  • Fully automated conversion
  • Appealing visual design


  • Only in Word for the web currently
  • Can’t customize design much initially

Insert a Linked Object

  • Insert Word doc as an object
  • Check “Link” box to create a shortcut
  • Clicking icon opens Word doc in Word


  • Access original Word document easily
  • No conversion needed


  • Displayed as icon, not integrated slides
  • Requires having Word installed

Use a Third-Party Converter

  • Convert Word to PDF first
  • Then convert PDF to PowerPoint
  • Services like PDFelement offer advanced options


  • Very customizable conversions
  • Other useful PDF tools included


  • Requires paid software
  • Multiple conversion steps


Here are some things to keep in mind when opening a Word document in PowerPoint:

  • Formatting and layout may change or get lost
  • Large or complex Word docs may not convert well
  • Linking retains original formatting best
  • Converting creates a copy and severs ties
  • Conversion works best for mostly text docs
  • Review the converted slides carefully afterward


While opening Word documents in PowerPoint can take a bit of work, it allows you to leverage content you have already created. The best method depends on your specific needs and priorities regarding editing, formatting, file size, and more. With some strategic preparation and post-conversion cleanup, you can successfully reuse Word documents to build PowerPoint decks.