3 Simple Ways to Convert PowerPoint PPT to PDF


Converting PowerPoint presentations into a PDF is a great way to share your presentation with your audience without allowing them to modify the original presentation. It’s also a great way to share your presentation on the web or to anyone even if they don’t have PowerPoint.

We’re going to show you three methods to convert PowerPoint to PDF natively from within Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 without any third-party software, web service, or add-ins required.

Convert PPT to PDF from Export menu

1. In PowerPoint, select File > Export.

2. Select Create PDF/XPS.

3. Type a file name if you need to and choose how you want to optimize the file.

4. Then click Publish.

Convert PPT to PDF from Save as type

1. You can also go to the File menu, click on Save As.

2. Under the Save as type you can select PDF.

Convert PPT to PDF from Print menu

1. Go up to the File menu, click on Print.

2. Under the Printer you can choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

Disadvantages of converting PPT to PDF

When you are converting from PowerPoint to PDF, there are two things that you will lose.

#1. Off-slide content

If you have any off-slide content like formatting guides, important notes, or even motion paths or objects, these all count as off-slide content. They will not properly convert and will be removed from your presentation.

#2. Transitions and animations

For transitions, any of these kinds of pushes, wipes, splits, or any kind of other graphic that you add to move between your slides, those will be removed when you convert to PDF.

For animations, this includes anything in the entrance, emphasis, or exit effects.

Which of these three PowerPoint to PDF techniques do you think you’re going to use the most?

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