How to Create Mouse-over Effect in PowerPoint to Highlight an Area

Creating a mouse-over effect for a picture in PowerPoint is an easy and effective way to add interactivity to your presentation. It can be used to highlight important points in the presentation, or even to provide additional information about the topic being discussed.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to put a map of a city landmark inside a slide. Then when someone hovers over it in a certain area, a landmark picture will appear with details about the information of the building. So, this is how we do it.

1. In a new blank slide, go to Insert, Pictures, and select This Device.

2. Select the image or screenshot of your map, and click Insert.

3. Go to Insert, Shapes, and select any shape you like. We’re going to use a star shape. This shape will act as a button to hover on. That way whenever someone hovers on it, it goes to the next slide where the information is.

4. Put on the exact location on the map. Repeat step #3 if you have multiple locations to put.

5. Now duplicate the slide.

6. In the second slide, insert the picture and the information of that landmark.

7. Back to the first slide, select the shape. Go to Insert, and select Action.

8. In the Mouse Over tab, select Hyperlink to > Slide.

9. Then select Slide 2. Click OK.

10. Now go to the second slide and repeat steps #7 and #8 but this time select Slide 1.

11. Now we’re going to hide the second slide, so it won’t be visible unless you hover over the shape.

12. For the rest of the shapes/buttons, repeat steps #5 – #11 but change the slide selection according to the correct one.

With this handy tutorial, you’ll be able to create a mouse-over effect, and will make your presentation pop!

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