Create Transparent Text in PowerPoint 2016

Creating transparent text in PowerPoint can add visual interest and depth to your presentations. With just a few simple steps, you can make text that seamlessly blends into the slide background.

Why Use Transparent Text?

Transparent text is great for:

  • Adding emphasis
  • Directing focus
  • Creating depth and dimension
  • Making text stand out against busy backgrounds

It goes beyond ordinary text and takes your PowerPoint design to the next level.

How to Make Text Transparent in PowerPoint

Making transparent text in PowerPoint is easy if you follow these steps:

1. Add a Text Box

  • Click the “Insert” tab
  • Click the “Text Box” icon
  • Draw a text box on your slide

Tip: Use a thick, wide font so the background shows through clearly.

2. Add a Background Image

  • Click the “Insert” tab
  • Click “Pictures”
  • Select an image to insert

Tip: Choose a background that contrasts well with the color of your text.

3. Adjust Text Box Layering

  • Right click the text box
  • Select “Send to Back”

This layers the text box behind the image.

4. Adjust Text Fill

  • Select the text box
  • Go to “Format” tab
  • Click “Shape Fill”
  • Adjust fill transparency

Tip: Start around 50% transparency and adjust as needed.

5. Customize Your Design

Get creative with fonts, colors, animations, and slide transitions! Transparent text opens up many possibilities.

Transparent Text Ideas

Here are some ideas to try with transparent text:

  • Blend text into a photo background
  • Simulate text etched into stone or metal
  • Create a watermark effect
  • Emphasize key points over imagery
  • Spotlight important text
  • Make text pop against busy backgrounds
  • Add an artistic flair

The options are endless – let your imagination run wild!

Text Box Shape Options

PowerPoint provides various text box shapes to work with:

  • Simple rectangles and squares
  • Circles and ovals
  • Curved shapes
  • Stars and banners
  • Octagons and triangles
  • Speech and thought bubbles

Feel free to explore all the possibilities!

Animating Transparent Text

Animations can make transparent text even more dramatic. Try animating your text to:

  • Fade in slowly
  • Fly across the slide
  • Grow big or shrink small
  • Spin or flip
  • Change font and color

Animations bring your design to life!

Video Backgrounds

For maximum impact, set transparent text against an eye-catching video background. This dynamic combination is sure to wow your audience!

Image Ideas

What images work best for transparent text? Consider using:

  • Nature landscapes
  • Cityscapes
  • Scientific images
  • Abstract art
  • Textures and patterns
  • Stock photos

Choose imagery that enhances your message and complements the text.

Presentation Themes

Leverage PowerPoint’s built-in themes to quickly style your transparent text slides:

  • Facet – Features colorful blocks with transparency
  • Ion – Bold shades of black, grey and electric blue
  • Office Theme – Clean and professional
  • Retrospect – Vintage styling with paper texture backgrounds

Themes handle all the design work so you can focus on content!

Text Effects

In addition to transparency, don’t forget to explore text effects like shadow, reflection, glow, bevel, 3D rotation and more. Effects take your transparent text to the next level!

Final Touches

Finesse your design with borders, backgrounds, and slide transitions like Wipe and Push. Ensure readability with thoughtful use of white space around your transparent text.


With transparent text, you can transform boring slides into visually captivating presentations. All it takes is a text box, an image, and adjusted transparency settings.

Let your creativity run free and design the presentation of your dreams! Transparent text opens up endless possibilities to showcase your message in style.