Disable Using Esc in PowerPointViewer 97

Some potentially relevant points:

  • PowerPoint Viewer 97 is based on PowerPoint 97 functionality, so solutions for disabling Esc in PowerPoint 97 may work, but this is not confirmed.
  • There are command line switches available for PowerPoint Viewer 97, but none of the search results mention a switch to disable Esc.
  • The Esc key is used in PowerPoint Viewer 97 to exit slideshow mode, similar to regular PowerPoint. Disabling this would likely require modifying the PowerPoint Viewer 97 program itself.

In summary, none of the search results provide a clear solution for disabling the Esc key in PowerPoint Viewer 97. The program would likely need to be modified directly to accomplish this. If an alternative solution like preventing access to the keyboard is acceptable, that may be easier to implement.

I apologize that I could not provide a more definitive answer on this specific issue based on the search results. Please let me know if you have any other questions!