2 Ways to Display Ruler in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is a very visual tool. Crafting individual slide setups requires precise control of object placement. The ruler is a multipurpose tool to show your location on a slide and within the object placeholder.

There are two rulers, one at the top of the slide is the horizontal ruler, and one to the left is the vertical ruler. Zero is used for the center point.

This can be helpful when you want to be able to easily position different elements, whether it’s text, a chart, a table, or different graphics, by simply being able to work with this ruler as your reference point.

First method

1. Click on the View tab, and check to turn the Ruler on. Or you can press Alt + Shift + F9 on your keyboard.

2. If you want to hide the vertical ruler, go to File > Options.

3. Go to Advanced, in Display uncheck Show vertical ruler.

Second method

Do you know that PowerPoint also provides a ruler on your screen that acts like a physical ruler? The following steps will show you how to enable this feature and how to use it.

1. Go to the Draw tab and click Ruler.

2. You can move this ruler using your mouse and rotate it using the mouse wheel.

What to do if the Draw tab is missing

The default setting in Microsoft PowerPoint did not show the Draw tab. Here’s how to fix it.

1. Go to File > Options.

2. Open the Customize Ribbon and check Draw on the right.

3. Click OK, and the Draw tab will appear in the ribbon.

So, when you’re preparing a presentation, make sure to turn on PowerPoint’s helpful visual onscreen reference like ruler.


Can you get a ruler on PowerPoint?

To display the ruler in PowerPoint, go to the “View” tab and check the “Ruler” box in the Show group. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+F9. The horizontal ruler will appear at the top and the vertical ruler on the left side.

How do I add ruler guides in PowerPoint?

To add ruler guides in PowerPoint, go to the “View” tab and check the “Guides” box in the Show group. This will add default horizontal and vertical guides to the center of the slide. To move guides, click and drag them to the desired position on the slide.

How do you show ruler guides and gridlines on PowerPoint?

To show gridlines, go to View > Show > Gridlines. This will display dotted gridlines on the slide. To show drawing guides, right click on the slide and select Grid and Guides > Guides. This will display a horizontal and vertical guide intersecting at the center of the slide.

Can I change the units of the ruler in PowerPoint?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the ruler units directly in PowerPoint. The units shown are based on your Windows region and language settings.

To change from inches to centimeters, go to Control Panel > Region > Additional Settings and change the measurement system.

Why is the vertical ruler missing in PowerPoint?

If you don’t see the vertical ruler, go to File > Options > Advanced and check the “Show vertical ruler” option under Display. Click OK to enable the vertical ruler.

Does the ruler show on printed slides or in Presenter View?

No, the ruler is only shown on the editing view in PowerPoint. It will not be visible on printed handouts of your slides or in the Presenter View.

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