How to Get and Insert Free 3D Model in PowerPoint

We have used 3D models for a very long time in many different applications. Many different sectors use 3D model software to create plans and project models. Microsoft made it possible to insert 3D models in PowerPoint after realizing that consumers needed this feature.

The most recent versions of Microsoft 2019 and greater include the 3D model functionality. You can spice up your presentation and improve your design with the aid of this function. You can add it into your presentation to give it that wow factor.

Fortunately, there are many websites and content repositories that assist designers in finding pre-made 3D models for usage in animation, video games, graphic design, 3D printing, and presentation.

How to get 3D model for free

#1 From

1. Open and sign up or log in using one of these accounts.

2. Choose the 3D model that you want.

3. Click Download Model. You will get either a .STL file or .ZIP file.

4. If it is a ZIP file, then you need to extract it. Open File Explorer, go to your download folder, right-click the .ZIP file, and Extract All. Open the extracted folder, and find the .STL file.

#2 From

1. Open, and choose the 3D model that you like. You can download the file without sign up.

2. Click Download all files.

3. Like, you’ll get .ZIP file. Extract it and find the .STL file.

How to insert 3D model in PowerPoint

1. Now open PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab, and click 3D Models.

2. Look for the .STL file and click Insert.

3. You can see immediately how cool they are when you add them.

4. The cool thing about 3D models is that you can rotate them. If you look in the middle of this model there is a little round control handle. When you click and drag, it allows you to rotate that all the way around because it is 3D.

5. If you clicked on it, you can see the 3D Model tab which allows you to do things like select the model view, add alt text, or make it spins forever.

But don’t go crazy adding 3D models to your presentation. They are quite hefty in file size. So if you do have like loads of them in your presentation, the presentation does start to slow down and lag a little bit.

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