How to Convert Your Google Slides into Video

Google Slides into Video

Converting Google Slides into video? That must be amazing! Especially if you are a busy manager who doesn’t have time to re-explain the presentation to your late employees.

Video is easy to understand and gives an in-depth perspective. Rather than reading one by one, video moves automatically and is more engaging than merely piles of slides.

Is it possible to convert Google Slides into video? Yes, but you will need help from an add-on.

Add-on is third party software which is compatible to Google Slides. Creator Studio allows you to record and save your presentation as video.

Below are the steps to utilize Creator Studio:

1. Go to and install Google Slides add-on. It will require certain permission. Allow them.

Google Slides into Video

2. Open any presentation deck on Google Slides.

3. Go to add-ons menu, click Creator Studio

Google Slides into Video

4. It will open up on the sidebar

Google Slides into Video

4. Specify the width of the output file. The height will be auto calculated

5. Specify the interval (in seconds) to automatically go to the next slide

6. Export! You can choose between GIF, Image Sequence, MP4 video, or video with Audio.

Google Slides into Video

That’s it! You can easily convert your Google Slides into video in no time. You can also add your recording so the audience will engage better in your explanation.

Simple and better than re-explaining the same thing over and over again. Good luck!