How to Add a Gif in PowerPoint

Adding animated gifs to your PowerPoint presentations can be a great way to grab attention, illustrate concepts visually, and add some fun and personality. While adding videos can also achieve this, gifs tend to have much smaller file sizes, making them easier to embed while keeping file sizes reasonable.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the quick and easy steps for adding gifs to your PowerPoint slides. Whether you want to add some humor, demonstrate a process or idea, or just spice up a boring presentation, gifs can do the trick!

Find and Download The Perfect Gif

The first step is finding the right gif to use. You have a few options here:

  • Search for gifs online. Sites like Giphy and Tenor have huge libraries of animated gifs to search through. Simply search for relevant keywords to find gifs that fit your topic and tone.
  • Use a gif creation tool. If you can’t find the perfect gif, make your own! Tools like and ImgPlay allow you to upload images/video and turn them into custom gifs.
  • Convert a video. Already have some great video content? Convert it to an animated gif! Sites like EzGif and let you upload video and convert to gif.

Once you’ve found or made your ideal gif, download it and save it somewhere easy to access later, like your desktop. Make sure it saves as a .gif file.

Insert the Gif in PowerPoint

With your gif downloaded and ready, it’s time to add it to a PowerPoint slide:

On Windows

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide you want to add the gif to.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Pictures.
  3. In the Insert Picture dialog box, navigate to and select your gif file.
  4. Click Insert.

Your gif will now be embedded on the slide!

On Mac

  1. Open your presentation and choose the target slide.
  2. Go to the Insert menu and choose Pictures.
  3. In the Finder window, locate and select your gif.
  4. Click Insert.

Just like that, your gif will be added to the slide!

Preview and Adjust Your Gif

Once inserted, your gif may need some tweaking:

  • Preview the animation. Go to the Slide Show tab and select Play from Current Slide. Make sure the gif looks good in action!
  • Resize if needed. Grab any corner and drag to make the gif larger or smaller on the slide.
  • Re-position if desired. Click and drag the gif to move it around on the slide.

Get it looking just right before your presentation!

Extra Tips for Gif Success

To take your gif game to the next level, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use gifs sparingly. They grab attention, so only add them when it really enhances your content.
  • Keep file sizes reasonable. Excessive gifs can bloat your presentation file size. Look for small, optimized gifs.
  • Make sure gifs are relevant. A distracting or confusing gif will lose audience attention.
  • Consider your audience. A formal presentation may not be the best place for humorous or meme-style gifs.

Recap: How to Add Gifs in PowerPoint

Adding gifs to PowerPoint is easy and can really amplify your presentations! Here’s a quick recap of the steps:

  1. Find and download an awesome gif from an online source or creation tool
  2. Open PowerPoint and select the slide to add the gif to
  3. On Windows: Go to Insert > Pictures. On Mac: Go to Insert > Pictures
  4. Locate and insert your downloaded gif file
  5. Preview the animation and adjust sizing/positioning as needed
  6. Use gifs selectively and appropriately to enhance your content!

So next time you’re designing a PowerPoint presentation, consider livening it up with some well-placed gifs! They can capture attention, demonstrate concepts, and make your presentation shine.