How to Add a Looping Introduction to a PowerPoint Presentation

Adding a looping introduction to your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to create some anticipation and excitement before your actual presentation begins. As your audience members arrive and get settled in their seats, they will have something interesting to watch until you are ready to start.

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Create Your Looping Slides

First, you’ll want to create the slides that will loop at the beginning of your presentation.

  • These can be photos, animations, or text slides that set the tone for what your presentation will be about
  • I recommend having 3-5 looping slides
  • Place these slides at the end of your presentation – we’ll come back to them in a minute
  • Be creative and captivating! You want these slides to grab attention

Step 2: Set Up Slide Timings

Now you need to set up automatic timings for each of your looping slides:

  • Select all of the looping slides in the sidebar
  • Go to the Transitions tab
  • Choose a transition effect and duration for each slide
  • I like about 3 seconds per slide, but play around and see what works best!
  • Make sure the advance slide option is set to use timings

By adding transitions and timings, your looping slides will now automatically advance after the specified duration.

Step 3: Create a Custom Slide Show

Here’s where the magic happens! You need to create a custom slide show just for your looping introduction slides.

  • Go to Slide Show > Custom Slide Show
  • Click the New button
  • Name your custom show something like “Looping Intro”
  • In the slide selector, only choose your looping slides
  • Remember we put them at the end? Now we are isolating just those slides
  • Check the box that says “Loop continuously until ‘Esc'”

This custom slide show will now loop those beginning slides indefinitely, until you press the Esc key to stop it.

Step 4 (Optional): Add a Link to Your Main Presentation

If you want to have a smooth transition from your looping intro into your actual presentation, add a shape or button that hyperlinks to your first main slide.

  • On one of your looping slides, insert a shape (rectangle, oval, arrow etc)
  • Right click on the shape and select Hyperlink
  • Choose a slide in your main presentation to link to
  • Make sure this shape stands out so you know where to click to advance!

Now when you are ready, you can simply click that shape, and your main presentation will begin seamlessly.

Step 5: Test it Out!

The last step is to preview your new looping introduction.

  • Start your slideshow
  • Your looping slides should begin playing automatically
  • When ready, click your hyperlink shape to jump into your presentation
  • Press Esc to exit the slideshow

Make sure the loop works properly and your timings feel right. Tweak anything as needed, and now you have a professional and polished intro sequence for your next PowerPoint presentation!

Adding an animated looping introduction is a great way to spice up any ordinary PowerPoint. Your audience will be impressed with your technical skills, and it keeps them occupied while waiting for the “main event” to start. The extra effort to set this up pays off through increased engagement and attention.

So try out this quick tutorial for your next presentation. I guarantee it will elevate your slides to the next level and make an unforgettable impression! Let me know if you have any other tips or tricks for designing creative looping introductions.