How to Add a Text or Image Watermark to PowerPoint Slides

Adding a watermark to your PowerPoint presentation slides is an easy way to enhance branding, indicate confidentiality, and protect your intellectual property. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn step-by-step methods for adding text or image watermarks to PowerPoint slides on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Why Add a Watermark to PowerPoint Slides?

Here are some key reasons you may want to add a watermark to your PowerPoint slides:

  • Branding: Consistently displaying your logo, tagline or other branding elements reinforces recognition of your brand.
  • Confidentiality: Watermarks like “Confidential” or “Do Not Distribute” help protect sensitive information.
  • Copyright Protection: A watermark makes it clear the content is owned and not for unauthorized use.
  • Version Control: Details like dates and version numbers help differentiate document drafts.

Add a Text Watermark in PowerPoint for Windows

Follow these simple steps to add text watermarks in PowerPoint slides on a Windows PC:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the View tab.
  2. Click Slide Master in the Master Views group.
  3. Click the top thumbnail slide (the slide master).
  4. Select Insert > Text Box and drag to draw a text box.
  5. Type your desired text into the text box. This will be your watermark.
  6. Format the text color and transparency to blend into the slide background.
  7. Optionally, rotate the text box if desired by dragging the top rotation handle.
  8. Click outside the text box, then go back to View > Normal to exit Slide Master view.

The watermark text will now appear on all slides in your presentation. You can make adjustments back in Slide Master view at any time.

Add an Image Watermark in PowerPoint for Windows

To add an image watermark to PowerPoint slides on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Select the View tab and click Slide Master.
  2. Click the top thumbnail slide (the slide master).
  3. Go to Insert > Pictures and select your watermark image.
  4. Click Insert to add the image to the center of the slide master.
  5. Resize and position the image as desired.
  6. Adjust transparency under Picture Tools/Format to create a watermark effect.
  7. Click outside the image and go to View > Normal to exit Slide Master.

The image watermark will now appear on all presentation slides. Repeat steps 1-7 to make any edits.

Add a Text or Image Watermark in PowerPoint for Mac

The process for adding watermarks in PowerPoint for Mac is very similar:

For a text watermark:

  1. Go to View > Master > Slide Master
  2. Select Insert > Text Box, add watermark text
  3. Format text color/transparency under Format
  4. Drag text box into position

For an image watermark:

  1. Go to View > Master > Slide Master
  2. Select Insert > Choose Media, select watermark image
  3. Adjust image sizing and position
  4. Under Format, adjust transparency

Tips for Formatting Watermarks in PowerPoint

  • For a subtle watermark, use lighter colors and higher transparency settings.
  • For prominent, highly visible watermarks, use darker colors and lower transparency.
  • Make sure text and image watermarks have sufficient contrast from the slide background color.
  • Experiment with different positions for your watermark on the slide master.
  • Consider adding clickable hyperlinks or animations to watermarks.

Secure and Protect Watermarks in PowerPoint

To prevent editing or removal of watermarks by others once applied, use a PowerPoint security solution like PPT Productivity. This allows you to lock watermarks and other slide elements in place for protection.

For full protection of your entire PowerPoint presentation including watermarks, convert your file to the secure PPTX format. This fully prevents unauthorized access and modification of your original slides and watermarks.


Adding text or image watermarks is an impactful way to brand, identify and secure your PowerPoint decks. With the simple methods outlined here for PowerPoint in Windows and Mac, you can quickly insert watermarks to reinforce your brand, indicate confidentiality or provide copyright protection. Experiment with positions, color schemes and transparency levels to achieve the desired effect.