How to add music to a PowerPoint

Adding music to a PowerPoint presentation can make it more dynamic, memorable, and professional. Music helps set the mood, emphasize key points, and maintain audience engagement. Follow these steps to seamlessly incorporate audio into your slides.

Benefits of Adding Music

  • Captures audience attention
  • Sets tone and creates atmosphere
  • Highlights important messages
  • Provides smooth transitions
  • Makes presentation more engaging
  • Creates emotional connection
  • Makes content more memorable

Choosing the Right Music

When selecting background music:

  • Match music tone to presentation theme – Upbeat for innovative topics, somber for serious issues
  • Consider audience age, culture, and interests – Tailor musical selection appropriately
  • Use subtle, instrumental music – Lyrics can distract from message
  • Test audio quality beforehand – Ensure smooth playback

How to Add Music in PowerPoint

Method 1: Insert Audio File

This method allows you to use an existing music file from your computer:

  • Open PowerPoint and select insertion slide
  • Go to Insert tab > Audio > Audio on My PC
  • Locate and select music file > Insert
  • Preview audio and adjust playback settings

Method 2: Record Directly in PowerPoint

To create custom audio such as vocals or instruments:

  • Open PowerPoint and select insertion slide
  • Go to Insert tab > Audio > Record Audio
  • Name file and select Record to start
  • Select Stop when finished recording
  • Preview and adjust playback settings

Method 3: Insert Online Video

Use this method to add a music video from a website like YouTube:

  • Open PowerPoint and select insertion slide
  • Go to Insert tab > Video > Online Video
  • Paste video URL and select Insert
  • Preview video and adjust playback settings

Adjusting Playback and Settings

  • Use Playback tab to select start mode and playback options
  • Check Hide During Show to hide audio icon
  • Reduce file size with Compress Media
  • Customize audio icon display with Audio Tools Format tab

Following Copyright Guidelines

  • Obtain license if using copyrighted music commercially
  • Credit artist and label when using short clips under fair use
  • Use creative commons or royalty-free music if unsure of copyrights

Adding complementary music can significantly improve your next PowerPoint presentation. With the right audio selection and seamless integration, you can easily enhance viewer engagement and memorability.