How to Add Picture in PowerPoint

Adding pictures to your PowerPoint presentations can make them more visually appealing and help communicate your message more effectively. Here are some tips on how to insert pictures from various sources and format them for maximum impact.

Insert Picture from Your Computer

  • On the Insert tab, click Pictures in the Images group
  • Navigate to the folder containing your picture files
  • Select the image you want to add and click Insert

The picture will be placed in the center of the slide by default.


  • You have full control over which specific image files get inserted
  • No copyright or licensing issues to worry about


  • Limited to pictures saved on your own computer
  • Need to manage size of presentation file if inserting high-resolution images

Find Online Pictures with Bing Image Search

  • On the Insert tab, click Online Pictures in the Images group
  • In the search box, type a relevant keyword to find publicly available images through Bing
  • Select the image you want and click Insert


  • Huge selection of pictures to choose from
  • Usually no copyright restrictions on using them


  • Limited control over image quality and resolution
  • Images could get changed or removed from source later

Take Screenshots

  • On the Insert tab, click Screenshot in the Images group
  • Choose to capture either the entire screen, just an open window, or a rectangular portion by clicking and dragging
  • The screenshot will be inserted automatically once captured


  • Useful for software demonstrations or highlighting interface elements
  • Perfect fidelity since it’s an actual capture of what’s on your screen


  • Limited to capturing static screen area
  • Requires additional editing if only part of the screen is needed

Tips for Formatting Inserted Pictures

  • Resize pictures by dragging the sizing handles on the edges and corners
  • Crop pictures by going to Picture Tools Format > Crop > choose crop shape
  • Compress pictures to reduce file size through Picture Tools Format > Compress Pictures
  • Add styles and effects by exploring options under Picture Tools Format including shadows, reflections, glows and more

By following these tips on inserting and formatting pictures, you can create PowerPoint presentations with high-quality, relevant images that make your message stand out. Let me know if you have any other questions!