How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint

Adding slide numbers to your PowerPoint presentation can be useful for keeping your place as you present and allowing your audience to follow along. Slide numbers also provide a professional touch to any presentation. Luckily, it only takes a few simple steps to add them in PowerPoint.

Why Add Slide Numbers

Here are some of the benefits of adding slide numbers in PowerPoint:

  • Keep your place – Slide numbers help you keep track of where you are as you present. Rather than trying to remember or guess, you can simply glance at the current slide number.
  • Help your audience follow along – Slide numbers also make it easier for your audience to follow along. They can quickly see what slide you are on and flip to that point in any printed handouts.
  • Look more polished and professional – Subtly adding slide numbers lends a polished, professional touch to any presentation. It shows you cared about the details.

How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint

Adding slide numbers in PowerPoint is a quick and easy process:

  1. Select the Insert tab – The first step is to click on the Insert tab in the PowerPoint ribbon at the top of the screen. This tab contains the slide number option.
  2. Click on Slide Number – In the Text group, click on the Slide Number button. A dropdown menu will appear.
  3. Select your slide number location – In the dropdown menu, you can choose whether you want slide numbers in the top-left, top-right, bottom-left, or bottom-right of your slides. Select your preferred location.
  4. Pick slide number format – On the Slide Number dropdown menu, you can also choose the slide number format. You can pick between numbers only, or add the total number of slides (e.g. 1/10).
  5. Apply to all or selected slides – PowerPoint will ask whether you want to add slide numbers to all slides or just the currently selected slides. Choose your preference.

And that’s it! The slide number will now appear on all your slides in the location and format you selected.

Customizing Slide Numbers Further

If you want to further customize your slide numbers, there are a few additional options:

  • Text formatting – You can format the text just like any other text box, changing the font, size, color, etc. Right-click on a slide number and choose Format Shape.
  • Exclude title slide – Don’t want a number on your opening title slide? Right click on it, choose Exclude Slide, and it will be the only unnumbered slide.
  • Start at a different number – Rather than start counting at 1, you can start counting from any number. Right click the first slide, choose Format Slide Number, and pick your starting number.
  • Change number formats – Don’t like the default number sequence? You can switch to roman numerals, letters, etc. Access this by right-clicking the slide number box.
  • Add animations – Make your slide numbers fade in or fly across the screen by adding animations. Animate just like any other text box.

Best Practices for Slide Numbers

To ensure your slide numbers look professional, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Choose a consistent location on every slide. Jumping around looks sloppy.
  • Match the formatting to your overall design, including font style and colors.
  • Make sure slide numbers don’t cover up any important information. Place them in a corner.
  • If printing handouts, include slide numbers there as well so your audience can follow along.
  • Use a large, clear font so numbers are easy to see from a distance.

And that’s it! Adding slide numbers is an easy way to polish your PowerPoint presentations. With these steps, tips, and best practices, you’ll have expertly formatted slide numbers in just minutes.