How to Broadcast a PowerPoint Presentation Online

Broadcasting a PowerPoint presentation online allows you to present to a remote audience from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether for a business meeting, class lecture, or conference presentation, online broadcasting eliminates geographic barriers and expands your reach.

Follow these steps to broadcast your PowerPoint slides online:

Prepare Your Presentation

Before broadcasting, optimize your PowerPoint file to ensure a smooth viewing experience for your audience:

  • Use high-quality images and graphics that are clear when projected on various screen sizes
  • Limit text and use large, readable fonts (at least 30 point)
  • Organize content into a compelling narrative flow with smooth transitions between slides
  • Check formatting on various screen sizes to identify any issues with cropped content
  • Test videos and animations to ensure they play properly

Save and close your file once it’s ready for broadcast.

Set Up the Broadcast

In PowerPoint, go to the “Slide Show” tab and click on “Present Online”:

  • Select the Office Presentation Service option to use Microsoft’s free broadcasting platform
  • The platform will generate a unique view-only link for your presentation
  • You can send out this link via email or instant message

Make sure you start the actual slideshow broadcast once attendees have the link and are ready for you to present.

Deliver Your Presentation

As you present your slides as normal, remote attendees will see your slideshow in their web browsers in real time:

  • Speak naturally as you would during an in-person presentation
  • Use a headset for clear audio on your end
  • Engage the audience with Q&A through conference call features
  • Moderate chat questions that come in through the broadcasting platform

When finished, select “End Online Presentation” and inform attendees you have concluded the broadcast.

Follow Up

Email a copy of the presentation or share access if helpful for recall or sharing with others. Be sure to ask attendees for feedback to help improve your next online broadcast!

Tips for Success

Here are some additional best practices as you broadcast presentations online:

  • Confirm software versions used are compatible for all attendees prior to broadcast
  • Close unnecessary programs running in background to optimize connectivity
  • Hardwire internet connection or connect close to modem/router for fastest speeds
  • Use wired microphone for best sound quality versus computer speakers
  • Practice presentation with a test audience in advance to identify issues

With the right preparation and tools, broadcasting your PowerPoint online helps convey your ideas powerfully to wider audiences in any location. Over time, refine your approach to become an expert at virtual presentations.