How to Change the Font on All Slides in Google Slides

Changing the font on all your slides in Google Slides is easy once you know how. By using Google Slides’ master slides feature, you can update the fonts across your entire presentation in just a few clicks.


Having a consistent font scheme is key for an aesthetically pleasing and professional Google Slides presentation. However, what if you’ve already created your presentation and decide you want to change all the fonts? Do you have to go through each individual slide and update them one by one?

Fortunately, Google Slides has a handy “master slides” feature that allows you to make sitewide changes with ease. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll walk through exactly how to leverage master slides to update fonts across all slides in your presentation.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following:

  • A Google account
  • The Google Slides presentation you want to update open

If you don’t already have a presentation started, open Google Slides and create a new blank presentation to follow along with.

Step 1 – Access Master Slides

To get started, access your presentation’s master slides:

  1. Click on the Slide menu at the top
  2. Select Edit Theme

This will open the master slides editor. The master slide controls the default design and formatting for all slides. Any changes made here will apply to all slides.

Step 2 – Edit Text Boxes

In the master slides editor, you’ll see text boxes for various slide elements. To change fonts:

  1. Select the text box(es) you want to update
  2. Open the font dropdown in the toolbar
  3. Choose your new font

For example, to change the title text font, click on the text box at the top and pick your preferred font. Repeat this for any other text elements you want to change.

Step 3 – Review Changes

Once finished updating fonts, click any slide thumbnail on the left to exit master slides view. Review the changes across your presentation slides.

If you need to go back and make adjustments, simply access the master slides again following step 1.

Step 4 – Save Presentation

Finally, make sure to save your Google Slides presentation so all font changes are persisted:

  1. Go to File
  2. Click on Save

And that’s it! With just a few clicks, you’ve updated the fonts on all slides for a uniform presentation.

Tips for Choosing Fonts

When selecting fonts for your Google Slides presentation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Limit to 2-3 fonts – Don’t use too many different fonts
  • Sans serif for titles – Use simple, clean fonts like Arial for titles
  • Serif for body text – Serif fonts like Times New Roman are good for paragraphs
  • Check font sizes – Make sure fonts are readable on slides
  • Review accessibility – Consider dyslexia-friendly fonts


Changing fonts across an entire Google Slides presentation is simple with master slides. This powerful feature enables you to overhaul the design with just a couple of clicks.

Now that you know how to update fonts sitewide, feel free to experiment until you find the perfect font scheme for your presentation. Don’t be afraid to go back and tweak the master slides if you change your mind.

Do you have any other Google Slides tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!