How to Change Theme Colours in PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows you to easily customize the colour scheme of your presentation to match your brand, preferences, or for visual appeal. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change theme colours in PowerPoint.

Select a Base Colour Theme

The first step is to select a base colour theme that you want to customize:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Click on Design > Variants > Colors
  3. Browse through the different pre-made colour themes and select one you want to use as your base

Some things to consider when selecting a base theme:

  • Complementary colours that go well together
  • Contrasting colour schemes
  • Colour psychology and meanings
  • Branding colours

Once you’ve selected a base theme, you can customize it further.

Customize the Theme Colours

To customize the colours in your selected theme:

  1. Click Customize Colors at the bottom of the colours menu
  2. A Create New Theme Colors dialog box will open
  3. Click the colour box next to each theme colour element to change that specific colour
  4. Select a new colour from the colour palette or enter a custom RGB or HSL value
  5. Click Save to save your new customized colour theme

The main theme colour elements you can change are:

  • Text/Background
  • Accent 1
  • Accent 2
  • Accent 3
  • Accent 4
  • Accent 5
  • Accent 6

Tip: Use Adobe Color to easily build a colour palette if needed.

Apply Colour Variants

Along with changing the main theme colours, you can also apply colour variants to get additional shades of your theme:

  1. Click Variants > Colors
  2. Select from the different colour variant options

This will give you lighter and darker shades to use for text, backgrounds, graphics, etc.

Add Custom Colours

If you need specific colours that are not included in the theme or variant options, you can add custom colours:

  1. On the Design tab, click Customize > Colors
  2. Click More Colors > Custom tab
  3. Select a custom colour or enter RGB/HSL values
  4. Click Add to Custom Colors
  5. The colour will now show under Standard Colors and can be applied to any object

Use Colour Consistently

Whichever colour theme you choose, be sure to apply it consistently throughout your presentation:

  • Set theme colours to all placeholder text
  • Colour code various text elements
  • Use theme colours for graphical elements
  • Change table, chart, SmartArt colours

Consistent use of colour creates cohesion and enhances the professional appearance of your presentation.

Additional Tips

  • Use colour to establish hierarchy, direct attention, and communicate meaning
  • Limit to 2-4 colours for minimal designs or up to 6 colours for more complex schemes
  • Access colour themes from other Office documents by saving them as a custom theme in PowerPoint
  • Test different colour themes and variants to find the right scheme for your content

Changing the theme colours in PowerPoint is fast and easy. With just a few clicks, you can set the right tone, establish visual consistency, and make your presentation aesthetically pleasing. Use these steps to customize PowerPoint colours to suit your needs.