How To Convert A PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Into A Video With One Click

Sharing presentations with others is easier than ever with PowerPoint 2010’s built-in “Create a Video” tool. With just a few clicks, you can turn your PowerPoint slides into a high-quality, shareable video file.

Step 1: Create Your PowerPoint Presentation

First, build your PowerPoint presentation and add all the content you want to include – text, images, animations, transitions, etc. Make sure your presentation is complete before converting to video since you won’t be able to edit the video file later.

Step 2: Open the “Create a Video” Menu

Once your presentation is ready, go to the File tab and click “Save & Send”. Then under “File Types”, click on “Create a Video”.

Create a Video menu in PowerPoint 2010

This will open the “Create a Video” side menu with export settings.

Step 3: Choose Video Quality

You have 4 quality options to choose from:

  • Ultra HD (4K) – 3840×2160 resolution, largest file size but highest quality
  • Full HD (1080p) – 1920×1080 resolution, smaller file size but still great quality (recommended)
  • HD (720p) – 1280×720 resolution, moderate quality and file size
  • Standard (480p) – 852×480 resolution, smallest file size but lowest quality

Select the option that best fits your needs. Full HD 1080p offers a good balance.

Step 4: Include Timings and Narrations (Optional)

If you recorded narrations or timings for your presentation, you can choose to include them in the video under “Recorded Timings and Narrations”. This will preserve any voiceovers, laser pointer motions, or slide timings.

Step 5: Set Slide Duration

In the “Seconds spent on each slide” box, you can set how long each slide displays in the video. Leave it blank to use slide timings or enter a number to set a default.

Step 6: Select Output Format

Pick if you want an .MP4 file or .WMV file under “Save as type”. MP4 offers wider compatibility.

Step 7: Export Video

When settings are ready, click “Create Video”. Name the video file, choose a save location, and click Save. PowerPoint will now render your presentation as a video, displaying a progress bar.

The video creation speed will vary based on length and quality settings. Once done, you’ll have a video version of your PowerPoint ready to share!

Video Playback Tips

For best playback quality, here are some tips:

  • Compress large media files like photos and video clips
  • Limit animations and transitions
  • Use solid color backgrounds instead of complex images
  • Ensure hardware graphics acceleration is enabled
  • Update video card drivers

Share Your PowerPoint Video!

Now you can easily email your PowerPoint presentation to colleagues, upload it to YouTube to share online, play it during meetings and webinars, and more!

The built-in video export makes sharing wider accessible. With just a few clicks, your PowerPoint can become a video to engage any audience.

So next time you create a killer presentation in PowerPoint 2010, use these steps to extend its reach through video conversion.