How to Convert PowerPoint to MP4 in PowerPoint 2013

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to MP4 video format allows you to easily share them with others online or offline. The MP4 video format results in high-quality video that can be played on virtually any modern device.

Fortunately, PowerPoint 2013 has built-in functionality to export presentations as MP4 video files. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to MP4 video in PowerPoint 2013.


Before exporting your presentation, make sure:

  • You have PowerPoint 2013 installed on your Windows PC.
  • Your presentation is complete, including any animations, slide transitions, narrations, or other effects you want preserved in the video file.
  • The presentation file is saved, as converting to video cannot be done on an unsaved file.

Step 1 – Open PowerPoint Presentation

  • Open the PowerPoint 2013 application.
  • Locate and open the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert to MP4 video format.

Step 2 – Export the Presentation

  • With your presentation open, click File from the top menu.
  • Click Export from the left sidebar.
  • Click Create a Video from the main content area.

Step 3 – Configure Video Settings

In the Create a Video window, you can customize the following video settings:

Video Quality

  • Choose from Ultra HD (4K), Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), and Standard (480p).
  • Higher video quality results in larger file sizes.
  • Full HD 1080p is recommended for most uses.

Use Recorded Narrations and Timings

  • Check this box if your presentation contains narrations and timings you want preserved in the video file.

Seconds Spent on Each Slide

  • Enter the number of seconds each slide should display in the video.
  • Leave blank to use slide timings if they exist, otherwise defaults to 5 seconds per slide.

Create Video

  • When ready, click the Create Video button to start the video export process.

Step 4 – Save the MP4 Video File

After clicking Create Video, a save file dialog box will open. Here you can:

  • Enter a File Name for your video.
  • Browse to choose the save location on your computer or network.
  • The default Save as Type will be either MP4 or WMV video, depending on your PowerPoint version’s default export format.

When ready, click Save and the video export and conversion process will start, which could take some time depending on the length and complexity of your presentation.

Step 5 – Find and Play the Exported MP4 Video

Once PowerPoint finishes processing and converting your presentation to MP4 video format, you can find and play the video file from wherever you saved it on your computer.

The video will play in any standard video player application and can also be easily shared online or with others.

Additional Tips

  • For the best results, export using the Full HD 1080p video quality.
  • The exported MP4 video will match the look and flow of your original PowerPoint presentation, including all animations, slide transitions, narrations, and timings.
  • To reduce video file size, reduce the video quality, use fewer animations/effects, or shorten slide durations.
  • The video creation process can take some time. Progress will display in the PowerPoint status bar.
  • MP4 is a standardized video format playable on virtually all computers, phones, tablets and other modern video devices.

Converting PowerPoint files to MP4 video format is easy with PowerPoint 2013’s built-in export capabilities. The resulting video will retain all visual and auditory aspects of your original presentation for easy sharing and viewing on any device.