How to Convert PowerPoint to Video File on Mac

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to video files on a Mac is easy and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to export your PowerPoint slides as a video using the built-in export feature.

Why Convert PowerPoint to Video?

Here are some of the benefits of converting your PowerPoint slides to video:

  • Share your presentation more easily without requiring the audience to have PowerPoint installed. Video files are compatible with more devices.
  • Present your slides as a high-quality video by adding narration, animations, transitions, and timings.
  • Reduce file size for easier sharing and streaming compared to sharing the full PowerPoint deck.
  • Upload your presentation online (e.g. YouTube) to reach a wider audience.


To export PowerPoint presentations as a video file on Mac, you need:

  • PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or newer (PowerPoint 2016 does not support export to video).
  • macOS 10.10 or later.

If you have an older version of PowerPoint, you may need to upgrade or use a third-party video converter instead.

Step 1 – Open PowerPoint File

Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert in PowerPoint on your Mac.

Tip: Save your presentation before exporting to ensure all the latest changes are included in the video file.

Step 2 – Export Presentation

  1. Click File > Export. Do not use “Save As” because that option does not allow export to video.
  2. In the export window, click File Format and select the desired video format – MP4 or MOV.

Tip: MP4 has wider device compatibility.

Step 3 – Configure Video Settings

In the export window, adjust the following settings:

Video Quality

Higher video quality increases file size but improves resolution. Choose from:

  • Ultra HD (4K) – highest quality but very large files
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • HD (720p)
  • Standard (480p) – smallest files but lower quality

Tip: Full HD or HD are recommended for most uses.

Use Recorded Timings and Narrations

Check this option to include any narration or timings you recorded for transitions in the video export.

Seconds spent on each slide

Enter a duration in seconds for how long each slide appears if you did not record timings.

Step 4 – Export Video

When ready, click Create Video. Choose a file name and location to save the exported video file.

Tip: Use the MP4 video format for best compatibility.

It may take several minutes for PowerPoint to finish rendering and exporting the video depending on length, quality settings, and effects used. Be patient and wait for the export to complete.

Alternative Method – Save As PowerPoint Show

Instead of exporting your presentation as a standalone video file, you can also save it in the PowerPoint Show format (PPSX) which allows your presentation to play with animations and transitions intact but does not create a separate video file.

To save as a PowerPoint Show:

  1. Click File > Save As
  2. Change Save as type to PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx)
  3. Click Save

The downside is that the recipient will require PowerPoint installed to play the PPSX file.

Tips for Best Quality PowerPoint Video

Follow these tips to create the highest quality PowerPoint videos:

  • Use a simple slide design without too many animations or transitions
  • Record narration and timings to automatically set durations for each slide
  • Use 16:9 widescreen slide size for best video playback
  • Reduce file size by exporting lower resolution if needed
  • Upgrade to the latest PowerPoint for Mac and macOS versions for best performance

Troubleshooting Export Problems

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you have problems exporting PowerPoint to video on Mac:

  • Update to the latest PowerPoint and macOS versions
  • Use a wired internet connection for faster export
  • Try reducing export video resolution or quality
  • Disable active antivirus or security software temporarily
  • Ensure sufficient storage space for exported video files
  • Try saving as PPSX PowerPoint Show instead

Alternative PowerPoint to Video Converters

If the built-in PowerPoint export feature does not work or meet your needs, consider using third-party PowerPoint to video converter software for Mac instead, such as:

These provide additional features like the ability to customize resolutions, edit videos, batch process multiple files at once, and more.


Converting PowerPoint to video on a Mac is straightforward using the built-in export feature in recent versions of PowerPoint for Mac.

The exported MP4 or MOV video files can then easily be shared online and played back on any device with video support without requiring PowerPoint to be installed.

Following the step-by-step process outlined above, you can quickly export your PowerPoint deck to a high-quality video presentation in just a few clicks.