How to Create a Summary Zoom Slide in Microsoft PowerPoint

Adding a summary zoom slide to your PowerPoint presentation is an excellent way to make it more dynamic, engaging, and easier to navigate. This feature allows you to create a slide with thumbnail images of key slides that can then be clicked to jump to those slides.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create a summary zoom slide in PowerPoint.

What is a Summary Zoom Slide?

A summary zoom slide acts as an interactive table of contents for your presentation. It displays thumbnail images of slides you select, arranged on a single slide.

When presenting, clicking any of the thumbnails will:

  • Zoom in to show a larger view of the thumbnail
  • Transition to the selected slide
  • Zoom back out to return to the summary slide

This allows you to quickly jump between key sections of your presentation in any order you choose.

Benefits of Using a Summary Zoom

Adding a summary zoom slide provides the following advantages:

  • Improved navigation – easily jump to key slides or sections
  • Interactivity – presentations become more engaging
  • Flexibility – present slides in any order based on audience needs
  • Accessibility – make it easier for viewers to find what they need

Summary zooms make lengthy or complex presentations much easier to deliver and follow.

Step 1 – Insert a Summary Zoom Slide

To add a summary zoom slide:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select the slide you want the summary zoom to come after
  3. Go to Insert > Zoom > Summary Zoom
  4. Choose which slides/sections to include

PowerPoint will insert a new slide after the selected slide with thumbnail images of the chosen slides.

Insert Summary Zoom

Step 2 – Customize the Layout

You can customize the layout, size, and appearance of the summary zoom thumbnails:

  • Resize thumbnails – click and drag corners or edges
  • Re-arrange – click and drag thumbnails to move them
  • Format – adjust borders, shadows, and more

To access additional options, right-click the zoom and select Format Summary Zoom.

Step 3 – Present with the Summary Zoom

During your presentation, simply click any of the summary zoom thumbnails to:

  1. Zoom in on that slide thumbnail
  2. Transition to the selected slide
  3. Automatically zoom back out to return to the summary after showing the slide

The zoom slide allows you to easily jump between key sections in any order you want.

Step 4 – Edit Summary Zoom Contents

To add or remove slides from your summary zoom:

  1. Right-click on the zoom background
  2. Select Edit Summary
  3. Check/uncheck slides you want to add/remove
  4. Click Update

This will update the summary zoom thumbnails without affecting your actual presentation slides.


Adding a summary zoom slide makes your PowerPoint presentation:

  • More dynamic and visually appealing
  • Easier to navigate during delivery
  • Flexible for jumping between key slides

With these simple steps, you can start leveraging summary zooms to create more interactive and engaging presentations in PowerPoint.