How to Crop an Image to a Perfect Circle in PowerPoint

Cropping images into unique shapes can add visual interest to your PowerPoint presentations. One popular shape is the circle, which draws the viewer’s eye and creates a focal point on your slide.

In this article, you’ll learn two easy methods to crop images into perfect circles in PowerPoint.

Method 1: Use the Crop to Shape Tool

The Crop to Shape tool allows you to quickly crop any image into various shapes, including circles and ovals. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Insert an Image

Insert the image you want to crop by going to the Insert tab and selecting Pictures. Navigate to the image file and insert it.

Step 2: Select the Image

Click on the image to select it. Sizing handles will appear around the image.

Step 3: Open Crop to Shape

Go to the Picture Format tab > Crop > Crop to Shape.

Step 4: Select Oval Shape

In the Shapes gallery, select the Oval shape to crop the image into a circle.

Step 5: Adjust the Crop

Adjust the circular crop by dragging the sizing handles. Make sure the height and width values are equal to form a perfect circle.

Step 6: Apply the Crop

Click outside the image to apply the circular crop.

And you’re done! The image is now neatly cropped into a circle.

Method 2: Use a Shape as an Image Container

Alternatively, you can insert a shape first and then fill it with your image to achieve a circular crop.

Step 1: Insert an Oval Shape

Go to Insert > Shapes and select the Oval shape. Draw an oval on your slide.

Step 2: Make it a Circle

Drag the sizing handles to make the oval into a perfect circle by setting equal height and width.

Step 3: Add Image Fill

With the circle shape selected, go to Shape Fill > Picture. Pick your image file.

Step 4: Adjust Image

Use the sizing handles to enlarge the image so it fills the circular container.

Step 5: Send Image Backward

Right-click the image and choose Send Backward > Send to Back so the circle is on top.

The circular shape now neatly frames and crops the image!

Tips for Cropping Circular Images

  • Maintain aspect ratio when cropping to prevent image distortion
  • Use high resolution images for best print and on-screen quality
  • Experiment with circular crops on headshots and logos for great results
  • Combine with a colored circle shape to frame the image

Cropping images into circles is an easy way to add flair to your PowerPoint slides. With the Crop to Shape tool or a shape container, you can quickly achieve this effect.