How to Crop Diagonally in PowerPoint

Cropping images diagonally in PowerPoint can add visual interest and allow you to highlight the most important parts of an image. Here are the steps to crop diagonally:

1. Insert the image

First, insert the image you want to crop onto your PowerPoint slide. You can insert an image by going to the Insert tab and clicking on Pictures.

2. Select the image

Click on the image to select it. Sizing handles will appear around the image.

3. Open cropping tools

Go to the Picture Format tab that appears at the top when you select an image. Click on the Crop drop-down menu.

4. Select “Crop to Shape”

In the crop drop-down menu, click on Crop to Shape. This will open shapes you can use to crop the image.

5. Choose a triangle shape

Scroll through the different shapes and select a triangle shape to crop the image diagonally. The triangle will appear cropped over the image.

6. Adjust the crop

Use the sizing handles on the triangle shape to adjust the crop as needed. Drag the corners to change the angle and size of the diagonal crop.

7. Crop the image

When you are satisfied with the crop, click outside of the image to crop it to that shape. The image will now be cropped diagonally!

You can continue cropping other images using different triangle shapes to create visual interest. Cropping diagonally is an easy way to add flair to your PowerPoint presentations.