How to Delete a Slide in PowerPoint 2013

Why You Might Want to Delete Slides

There are several reasons why you may want to delete one or more slides from your PowerPoint 2013 presentation:

  • The slide contains outdated or irrelevant information
  • The slide disrupts the flow of your presentation
  • You want to shorten your presentation
  • You created the slide by mistake
  • You want to remove sensitive information

Deleting unnecessary or disruptive slides can help streamline your presentation and make sure your audience stays engaged from start to finish.

How to Delete a Single Slide

Deleting a single slide in PowerPoint 2013 is very simple:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and switch to Normal View if you are not already in it
  2. In the thumbnail pane on the left side of the screen, right-click on the slide you want to delete
  3. Select Delete Slide from the menu

The slide will be immediately removed from your presentation.

How to Delete Multiple Slides

You can also delete several slides at once in PowerPoint 2013:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and switch to Normal View
  2. In the thumbnail pane, Ctrl+click to select the slides want to delete. Or, to select a sequence of slides, click the first slide you want to delete, then Shift+click the final slide in the sequence.
  3. Right-click your selected slides and choose Delete Slide from the menu

All selected slides will be deleted at once.

Tips When Deleting Slides

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when deleting PowerPoint slides:

  • Save a copy first – Before deleting slides, use Save As to create a copy of your original presentation in case you change your mind later
  • Review thoroughly first – Carefully review each slide before deleting to prevent accidentally removing information you need
  • Check for references – If other slides reference the deleted slide, review and edit those slides as needed after deleting
  • Consider slide order – When deleting multiple slides, consider how it will impact the order and flow of information
  • Use keyboard shortcuts – After selecting a slide to delete, you can simply press the Delete key as a shortcut instead of right clicking

How to Retrieve Deleted Slides

If you accidentally delete the wrong slide or change your mind later, you may be able to retrieve it from the Recycle Bin:

  1. Open the Recycle Bin on your desktop
  2. Locate your deleted PowerPoint file
  3. Right click on it and select Restore to retrieve the file

If you emptied the Recycle Bin already, you won’t be able to restore the deleted file. This is why it’s critical to save a copy of your presentation first before making changes like deleting slides.

When Deleted Slides Can’t Be Retrieved

In some cases, you won’t be able retrieve deleted PowerPoint slides:

  • If you saved changes to your presentation after deleting the slides
  • If you emptied the Recycle Bin already
  • If you are using PowerPoint Online through Office 365 – online deletions can’t be undone

This underscores the importance of saving a separate copy of your presentation with all slides intact before you starting removing any.

More Options for Removing Slides

In addition to deleting slides completely, PowerPoint 2013 gives you a few other options:

  • Hide a slide – Right click the slide and choose Hide Slide to temporarily remove it from view
  • Delete slide content – Select a slide’s placeholders and press Delete to remove contents but keep the empty slide
  • Copy a slide to another presentation – Open both presentations, find the slide you want to copy, and drag it from one thumbnail pane to the other


Knowing how to properly delete slides gives you better control over the content and flow of your PowerPoint 2013 presentations. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can swiftly remove slides you don’t need and avoid accidental permanent deletions.

Remember to always save copies of your presentation before deletion, review slides carefully before removing, and take advantage of options to hide or copy slides if appropriate. With the right technique, deleting PowerPoint slides is fast, simple, and reversible if you ever change your mind.