How to Delete a Slide on Google Slides

As your presentation in Google Slides evolves, you can become aware of one or more slides that aren’t necessary. The value of the presentation as a whole is diminished whenever it contains unnecessary slides. Therefore, deleting them would be a good way to maintain the aesthetic of your presentation.

This article has a few easy ways to get rid of them.

Delete a Slide Using the Menu Bar

A slide can be deleted by selecting the appropriate item from the menu bar.

1. To begin, pick the slide you wish to remove from the presentation. When you pick a slide, its border will become yellow to let you know it’s active. Hold down the Shift key while clicking on the slides you want to pick to select more than one slide at a time.

2. Click Edit in the menu bar once you choose. Click Delete in the drop-down menu that comes up. The chosen slides will be deleted.

Delete a Slide While in Grid View

Specific presentations could be rather lengthy and contain many slides. By switching to the Grid view, it will be much simpler to find these slides. When you find the slide in question, you can erase it like you would from the left-hand pane when viewing the presentation in Normal mode.

1. Click View in the menu bar and select Grid View. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+Alt+1 keyboard shortcut.

2. When in Grid view, click on the slide or slides you want to delete (hold the Shift key to select multiple slides). Next, press the Delete key or right-click on any slide you want to get rid of and choose Delete from the menu.

The slide or slides that have been selected will be deleted.

To become proficient with Google Slides, you will need to grasp many of its fundamental functions, and this is only one of them. If you find that working in PowerPoint is more convenient for you, you can always convert your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint and continue working from the point where you left off.

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