How to Export Excel to PowerPoint

Exporting Excel data to PowerPoint allows you to leverage the analysis and calculations from Excel combined with the visual presentation capabilities of PowerPoint. There are several methods to export Excel data to PowerPoint, depending on your specific needs.

Insert Linked Excel Data

The most dynamic way to bring Excel data into PowerPoint is to insert it as a linked object. This creates a live link between the Excel worksheet and the PowerPoint presentation. When the source Excel data changes, the linked data in PowerPoint updates automatically.

Here are the steps to insert linked Excel data:

  1. In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab and click Object
  2. In the Insert Object dialog, select Create from File
  3. Click Browse and select the Excel file you want to link
  4. Check the box for Link to file
  5. Click OK

The entire Excel worksheet will be inserted into the PowerPoint slide, but it will retain the link to the original Excel file.


  • Data updates automatically in PowerPoint when changed in Excel
  • Preserves all Excel functionality within PowerPoint like formulas, formatting, etc.


  • Can make for a cluttered slide
  • Must maintain access to the linked Excel file for the link to update

Embed Excel Object

You can also embed an Excel Object similarly to linking, but without creating the direct link back to the Excel file:

  1. In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab and click Object
  2. In the Insert Object dialog, select Create from File
  3. Click Browse and select the Excel file
  4. Leave the Link to file box unchecked
  5. Click OK

This inserts the Excel data as an object within PowerPoint slides. The data can still be edited directly within PowerPoint.


  • Allows Excel data to be edited directly within PowerPoint slides
  • Data does not need to be updated from external Excel file


  • Loses connection to Excel formulas and formatting
  • Object must be manually updated if Excel file data changes

Copy and Paste Excel Data

A simple way to bring Excel data into PowerPoint is to copy and paste. This inserts a snapshot of the copied Excel data into a PowerPoint slide.

Here is the process:

  1. In Excel, select the data you want to copy
  2. Copy the data (CTRL+C or right-click Copy)
  3. In PowerPoint, paste the data (CTRL+V or right-click Paste)
  4. Choose to paste as a PowerPoint Table in the paste options


  • Simple copy and paste process
  • Data integrates seamlessly into PowerPoint slides


  • Loses connection to original Excel data
  • Must re-copy and paste again if Excel data changes

Convert Excel Chart to PowerPoint

You can also directly convert Excel charts to PowerPoint maintaining the data link:

  1. In Excel, create the chart you want to use
  2. With the chart selected, copy the chart (CTRL+C)
  3. In PowerPoint, paste the chart as a Microsoft Office Graphic Object
  4. This inserts a linked chart that updates when Excel data changes


  • Quickly create linked PowerPoint charts from Excel
  • Charts update automatically when Excel data changes


  • Limited to chart data only, no Excel worksheet data
  • Chart style/formatting not retained from Excel

Export Excel Table or Range to PowerPoint

For more precise control over getting Excel data into PowerPoint, you can use the export feature:

  1. In Excel, select the exact table or cell range to export
  2. Go to File > Export
  3. Choose file type PowerPoint Presentation and save
  4. This creates a new PowerPoint presentation with your exported Excel data


  • Can precisely control exactly which Excel data gets exported
  • Exports to a separate PowerPoint file for further formatting


  • More steps involved to export and create separate file
  • No linking, data won’t update in PowerPoint

Automate with VBA Macro

For frequent or large Excel to PowerPoint transfers, you can automate the process with a VBA macro. This allows you to quickly export multiple Excel ranges or charts into an existing PowerPoint presentation.

Here are some resources for developing a VBA macro to automate exporting Excel data to PowerPoint:


  • Automates insertion of multiple Excel ranges/charts
  • Bulk transfers Excel data quickly and efficiently


  • Requires coding VBA macros
  • Complex solution for one time data transfers

In summary, there are a variety of options to meet different needs for exporting Excel data over to PowerPoint. Consider which method best fits your specific requirements. Automating with VBA macros can provide the most flexible solution for frequent, large data transfers from Excel into PowerPoint presentations.