How to Export Notes from PowerPoint

Exporting notes from PowerPoint presentations can be useful for several reasons:


Converting notes to another format like Word or text files makes them more accessible. People who don’t have PowerPoint can still view the content. Text files also work better with assistive technologies for those with disabilities.


Exporting presentation notes improves portability to other apps and devices. You may need to access the notes on a mobile device that doesn’t support PowerPoint files. Converting to Word or text keeps the content editable and easy to share.


It can be easier to print notes separately from slides. Exporting notes to Word provides more printing layout options beyond what PowerPoint offers.

Sharing and Collaboration

Converting notes to text or Word enables broader sharing and collaboration. Recipients don’t need PowerPoint to view exported notes. The content also becomes editable for collaborators.


Text and Word files provide reliable long-term archiving for presentation notes. These standardized formats will remain compatible with future software, eliminating worries about PowerPoint file compatibility years later.

There are several methods to export notes from PowerPoint, with advantages for different needs:

Save As PDF


  1. Open PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select File > Print
  3. Under Settings, choose Notes Pages layout
  4. Click Save as PDF


  • Retains original formatting
  • Print ready
  • Widely compatible


  • Notes not editable
  • Large file sizes

Export to Word


  1. Open PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select File > Export > Create Handouts
  3. Choose Notes next to slides
  4. Select Paste
  5. Click OK


  • Notes become editable
  • Additional Word formatting options
  • Good for printing handouts


  • Loses original PowerPoint formatting
  • Links between slides and notes break

Copy and Paste as Text


  1. Open PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select View > Notes Page
  3. Copy text of notes onto clipboard
  4. Paste into text editor or Word


  • Simple manual method
  • Retains text content


  • Time intensive for long presentations
  • Loses images and formatting

Automated Conversion Tools

Power tools like Pandoc can convert notes automatically:

pandoc slide.pptx -t plain -o notes.txt


  • Batch conversion option
  • Automated text extraction


  • Requires coding skills
  • Limited formatting options

In summary, PowerPoint makes it straightforward to export presentation notes to other formats. The best method depends on your specific needs for accessibility, portability, printing, sharing and more. Using the options above, you can easily unlock notes from presentations.