How to Export PowerPoint to Google Slides

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides can make it easier to collaborate with others and access your slides from anywhere. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to export PowerPoint to Google Slides.

Why Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Here are some of the key reasons you may want to convert your PowerPoint files to Google Slides format:

  • Collaboration – Google Slides makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same presentation at once.
  • Accessibility – You can access your Google Slides from any device through Google Drive.
  • Affordability – Google Slides is free while Microsoft Office and PowerPoint require paid subscriptions.
  • Compatibility – Google Slides presentations can be opened by users who don’t have PowerPoint installed.

Methods for Converting PowerPoint to Google Slides

There are a few different ways you can go about converting your PowerPoint files to Google Slides:

Upload to Google Drive

  • Upload your PowerPoint file to Google Drive
  • Right click on the file and choose “Open with Google Slides”
  • Google Drive will automatically convert the PowerPoint to the Google Slides format
  • The presentation will now be editable as a native Google Slides file

Import Slides

  • Open a blank Google Slides presentation
  • Go to File > Import slides
  • Select your PowerPoint file and choose the slides you want to import
  • The PowerPoint slides will be imported directly into the Google Slides presentation

Use Third-Party Conversion Tools

  • Several free online tools like Zamzar or CloudConvert can convert PowerPoint files to Google Slides format
  • Upload your PowerPoint file and choose Google Slides as the desired output format
  • The converted presentation will be available to download

What to Expect with the PowerPoint to Google Slides Conversion

When you convert a PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides, here are some things you can expect:

  • Text and images – Nearly all text boxes and image content will transfer over successfully
  • Basic slide formatting – Layouts, colors, and background styles are typically preserved
  • Transitions/animations – These effects often won’t properly convert to Google Slides
  • Charts/graphs – May need to be recreated manually or with Google Sheets
  • Videos/audio – Media files may need to be re-embedded after conversion

In most cases, the bulk of the presentation content will transfer to Google Slides seamlessly. Expect to do some minor reformatting and tweaking to get the presentation fully matched up.

Tips for Smoother PowerPoint to Google Slides Conversions

Follow these tips for the best results when converting your PowerPoint files to Google Slides:

  • Simplify formatting – Use standard PowerPoint fonts, universal template designs, and simple graphic elements
  • Reduce animations/transitions – Limit or remove animations and transitions before converting to prevent issues
  • Check for media compatibility – Ensure videos and audio files are in formats supported by Google Slides
  • Review slide notes – Notes may not fully convert correctly so review them after the transfer
  • Preview in Google Slides – Preview the converted slides for any formatting, layout, or content issues

Convert Google Slides Back to PowerPoint

If you need to convert your Google Slides presentation back to the PowerPoint format, it only takes a few clicks:

  • Open your Google Slides presentation
  • Select File > Download as > Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Choose a save location and file name
  • The PowerPoint version will download to your computer

Now you have the basics on how to quickly and seamlessly export PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides! Converting to Google’s web-based format makes your slides easily sharable and collaborative.