How to Export PowerPoint to Video on Mac

Exporting a PowerPoint presentation as a video on Mac is a great way to share your slides with others who may not have PowerPoint, as well as create video content for online sharing or use in other projects.


Before exporting your PowerPoint as a video, make sure:

  • You have PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or later. Older versions do not support video export.
  • Your presentation is complete, including any animations or slide transitions you want to include.
  • Your Mac is running the latest version of macOS for compatibility.
  • Your presentation file is saved in the .pptx format. Convert older .ppt files first.

Export PowerPoint File as Video

Follow these steps to export a PowerPoint presentation as a video file on Mac:

1. Open PowerPoint Presentation

Launch PowerPoint and open the presentation you want to export as a video.

2. Access Export Menu

Go to File > Export in the top menu bar.

3. Select Export as Video

In the export window, choose Create a Video under file format options.

4. Choose Video Settings

Adjust export video settings:

  • File Format – Select MP4 or MOV
  • Video Quality – Higher quality means larger files
  • Playback – Include narrations, animations, etc.

5. Name and Save Video

Give the video file a name and pick a save location on your Mac.

6. Export Video

Click Save to export and create the video file.

Video Export Tips

Keep these tips in mind when exporting a PowerPoint presentation as a video on Mac:

  • Simplify Complex Animations – Too many can cause export issues
  • Check Audio Narrations – Ensure they export properly into video
  • Reduce Video Size – Use lower quality export settings if needed
  • Test Video Playback – Double-check animations, transitions, and timings

Alternative Video Export Options

If you have issues exporting PowerPoint directly to video, try these alternative options:

  • Use QuickTime – Record screen and audio to create video
  • Try iMovie – Import images and add titles/transitions
  • Use Third-Party Apps – Wondershare Filmora, Movavi, or VideoProc

Share Your PowerPoint Videos

Once exported and saved as a video file, you can easily share your PowerPoint presentation by:

  • Emailing the video file
  • Uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Embedding it into a website
  • Adding it to social media platforms
  • Playing it directly for an audience

Converting your slides into a video opens up many possibilities for sharing your hard work with others!