How to Export PowerPoint to Word

Exporting PowerPoint presentations to Word allows you to edit the content more easily, incorporate speaker notes, and distribute handouts. There are a few methods to convert PowerPoint files (.pptx) to Word documents (.docx), depending on your needs.

Why Export PowerPoint to Word

Here are some common reasons to export a PowerPoint presentation to Word:

  • Edit Content Easily – Word has more robust editing tools for text, allowing you to tweak paragraphs, fonts, styles etc. more easily than in PowerPoint.
  • Incorporate Speaker Notes – When exporting to Word, you can choose to include speaker notes below each slide, great for handouts.
  • Distribute Handouts – An exported Word file can be printed and distributed as a handout to complement a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Share with Non-PowerPoint Users – A Word file can be shared with anyone, while a PowerPoint requires the program to view and edit.

PowerPoint Export Options

When exporting a presentation from PowerPoint to Word, you have a few options:

Create Handouts

This exports your slides along with speaker notes into an editable Word document best suited for handouts. You can choose to have one slide per page, multiple slides per page, or a column layout.


  • Includes slide images and speaker notes
  • Lots of layout options
  • Editable in Word


  • Can be tricky to edit and format
  • Slide formatting doesn’t always transfer perfectly

Create Outline

Exports the text content into a Word outline format. Great for editing content quickly.


  • Outline format easy to edit
  • Retains heading styles


  • Loses slide images and formatting
  • No speaker notes

Other File Formats

PowerPoint also supports exporting presentations to PDF, HTML, RTF, and more. These preserve slides as images but options for editing vary.

How to Export PowerPoint to Word – Step by Step

On Windows:

Exporting to Word on Windows can create handouts or an outline. Here’s how:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select File > Export
  3. Choose Create Handouts or Create Outline
  4. Select Word formatting options
  5. Click Export
  6. A Word document will open with your presentation contents

You can then edit, add speaker notes, and save the Word file as needed.

On Mac:

The Mac version works a bit differently. Here are the main steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint presentation
  2. Go to File > Export To > Word
  3. Choose options like file format and location
  4. Click Export
  5. A Word file will be created containing your presentation

Mac lacks the full “Create Handouts” options, so you may need to copy over speaker notes manually.

With Microsoft 365:

If you have Microsoft 365, you can export presentations directly to Word from PowerPoint online. Just open the web version of PowerPoint, select your file, choose File > Download a Copy, pick Word format, and export. This allows easy online conversion.

Tips for Exporting to Word

Here are some top tips:

  • Simplify Design – Eliminate complex slide animations and transitions that won’t transfer correctly before exporting to Word
  • Copy Speaker Notes – If speaker notes don’t copy over, manually copy them from PowerPoint and paste them into Word
  • Review Formatting – Text boxes, images, and other formatting can shift during export. Review in Word.
  • Update Links – If you edit the original PowerPoint file later, update links in the Word doc to sync changes
  • Use Word Tools – Take advantage of Word’s formatting tools to create professional handouts

Converting from PowerPoint to Word is straightforward on both Windows and Mac. With a few clicks you can open up far more editing options and create polished handouts.