How to Export Word to PowerPoint

Exporting a Word document to PowerPoint can transform your written content into an engaging presentation. With just a few clicks, you can convert a text-heavy Word file into easy-to-digest slides complete with images, icons, themes, and more.

This comprehensive guide will teach you four different methods to export Word to PowerPoint, while preserving original formatting.

Why Export Word to PowerPoint?

Converting Word documents to PowerPoint presentations provides several key benefits:

  • Share content easily – Presentations are more visually engaging and easier to present than dense Word docs.
  • Save time – Avoid manually recreating documents by automatically converting to slides.
  • Enhance visuals – Transform written content into captivating presentations with images, icons and themes.
  • Preserve formatting – Maintain original fonts, colors and layouts when exporting Word to PowerPoint.

Method 1: Use Word’s Export to PowerPoint Feature

The easiest way to export Word to PowerPoint is by using Word’s built-in export feature:

Step 1: Format Word Document

In Word, format your document using Styles to define headings and text:

  • Apply Heading 1 style for slide titles
  • Apply Heading 2 style for slide text

This formats content for conversion to PowerPoint slides.

Step 2: Export File

With your formatted document open in Word:

  1. Go to File > Export > Export to PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Select a design theme
  3. Click Export

Word will now convert your document to a PowerPoint presentation based on your chosen theme.

This method automatically converts content from Word to PowerPoint slides in seconds.

Method 2: Open Word File in PowerPoint

You can also open an existing Word document directly in PowerPoint:

Step 1: Format Word File

Apply Heading 1 and Heading 2 styles to format content.

Step 2: Open in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint:

  1. Click File > Open
  2. Browse to your Word file
  3. Click Open

PowerPoint will import the formatted Word document and convert headings into slides.

Method 3: Import Word Outline

This method imports a Word outline into PowerPoint to create slides:

Step 1: Format Word Outline

In Word, switch to Outline View and apply heading styles:

  • Level 1 for main topics
  • Level 2 for subtopics

This structures your outline for PowerPoint conversion.

Step 2: Import Outline

In PowerPoint:

  1. Click Home > New Slide > Slides from Outline
  2. Select your Word outline file
  3. Click Insert

PowerPoint creates slides based on the formatted outline text.

Method 4: Convert Via PDF

You can also use an intermediate PDF conversion:

Step 1: Convert Word to PDF

Use Adobe Acrobat or other tools to convert your Word file to PDF.

Step 2: Convert PDF to PPT

Next, convert the PDF to PowerPoint:

  1. Click Export PDF in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Select Microsoft PowerPoint as export format
  3. Click Export to convert to PPT

This creates a PowerPoint presentation from the PDF content.

5 Tips for Converting Word to PowerPoint

Follow these tips when exporting Word documents to PowerPoint:

  • Simplify formatting – Use Styles in Word to define headings/text before converting content.
  • Check conversions – Review automatically created presentations to fix formatting issues.
  • Simplify outlines – When importing outlines, only include major topics/subtopics as slides.
  • Use PDF option – Convert to PDF first if having issues directly converting Word to PowerPoint.
  • Manually format – After conversion, manually format new presentation by adding images, charts, etc.


Whether you want to share written content more visually or save time recreating documents, converting Word to PowerPoint is easy with these four methods.

Automatically transform dense Word files into sleek, presentation-ready slides in just minutes. Just remember to simplify formatting before converting and review the newly created presentation to polish the finished product.

With this guide, you have all the tools you need to efficiently export Word documents into powerful PowerPoint presentations.