How to Flip Shape in PowerPoint

Flipping shapes in PowerPoint allows you to create mirrored versions of shapes, add dimension to objects, and even animate your slides. There are a few easy ways to flip shapes vertically, horizontally, or in other directions in PowerPoint.

Methods to Flip Shapes

There are three main methods for flipping shapes in PowerPoint:

Using the Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal Commands

The easiest method is to use the Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal commands, which are located in the Arrange group, under the Format tab.

  • To flip a shape vertically:
  • Select the shape
  • Go to Format > Arrange > Rotate
  • Click on Flip Vertical
  • To flip horizontally:
  • Select the shape
  • Go to Format > Arrange > Rotate
  • Click on Flip Horizontal

These commands instantly flip the selected shape along the vertical or horizontal axis.

Rotating Shapes with the Rotation Handle

You can manually flip shapes using the rotation handle:

  • Select the shape
  • Click and drag the rotation handle in the direction you want to flip the shape
  • Rotate the shape 180 degrees to fully flip it

This allows you to flip the shape at any angle, not just perfectly vertically or horizontally.

Using the 3D Rotation Option

For more advanced flipping, use the 3D Rotation option under Format Shape:

  • Select the shape
  • Go to Format Shape > 3D Rotation
  • Choose a preset or enter a custom rotation

You can rotate the shape along the x, y, and z axes to flip in different directions.

Tips for Flipping Shapes

Here are some tips when flipping shapes in PowerPoint:

  • You can flip pictures, text boxes, WordArt, and other objects using the same methods
  • Press Shift while rotating manually to snap the shape to 15 degree angles
  • Animate flipped shapes by adding a flip effect in the Animation tab
  • Flip multiple shapes relative to each other by grouping them first before flipping

Benefits of Flipping Shapes

Flipping shapes can:

  • Create mirrored images and reflections
  • Add depth and dimension
  • Produce new variations without remaking shapes
  • Build animations and slide transitions
  • Emphasize differences between shapes

So if you feel like your shapes are getting stale, try flipping them for a fresh new look!



Briefly introduce the concept of flipping shapes in PowerPoint.


Explain the main methods for flipping shapes: commands, rotation handle, 3D rotation.


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