How to Insert a Checkmark and Checkbox in PowerPoint

Adding interactive elements like checkmarks and checkboxes to your PowerPoint presentations can make them more engaging and help reinforce key information. This guide will walk you through the steps for inserting both static checkmarks and clickable checkboxes into your slides.

Why Use Checkmarks and Checkboxes

Checkmarks and checkboxes serve different purposes:

  • Checkmarks indicate completion, correctness, or validation. They are static symbols that cannot be toggled on or off.
  • Checkboxes allow the audience to interact and provide feedback. They can be clicked to check or uncheck.

Using these elements appropriately can:

  • Guide the audience through key points
  • Visually indicate progress or tasks completed
  • Collect input from the audience
  • Make presentations more dynamic and memorable

Inserting a Checkmark Symbol

To add a basic checkmark symbol:

  1. Place the cursor where you want the symbol to appear
  2. Go to the Insert tab > Symbols > More Symbols
  3. Select the Wingdings font
  4. Scroll and select the checkmark character you want
  5. Click Insert

You can insert multiple checkmarks this way. This method works for regular text placeholders, text boxes, tables, and shapes.

Creating Checkboxes for Interactivity

To create functional checkboxes:

  1. Enable the Developer tab if it isn’t already visible
    • Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon
    • Check the Developer box under Main Tabs
  2. Go to Developer > Controls and click the Checkbox icon
  3. Draw a checkbox on your slide wherever needed
  4. Right click the checkbox and select Properties
  5. Rename the checkbox under the Properties pane
  6. Link actions as needed under the Properties pane

Repeat steps 2-5 to add multiple clickable checkboxes. You can link them to different slides or websites.

Customizing Appearance

To change the style:

  • For checkmarks – modify the font, color, or size
  • For checkboxes – change the shape fill, outline, font, etc.

Use consistent formatting across all checkmarks and checkboxes for a professional look.

Tips for Using Checkmarks and Checkboxes

  • Introduce complex topics using static checkmarks before making them interactive
  • Use large, clearly visible checkboxes for audience engagement
  • Link checkboxes to display more info or navigate to other slides
  • Show checkmark symbols near completed process steps
  • Allow the audience to indicate comprehension or feedback with checkboxes

With the right context, checkmarks and checkboxes can significantly improve presentations!

Troubleshooting Issues

Checkboxes not working? Confirm the Developer tab is enabled.

Checkboxes not visible during presentation? Go to Slide Show > Set Up Show and check the Show Presenter View box.

Checkboxes not copying correctly? Try grouping them before copying to preserve functionality.

Unable to modify or delete? Ungroup the checkboxes if needed to edit individually.

Following this guide, you can easily insert static checkmarks or functional checkboxes into your PowerPoint slides. Use them strategically to engage your audience and reinforce key messaging.