How to Make A Beautiful Slideshow in PowerPoint– Make Your Presentations Better

Creating an effective and beautiful slideshow in PowerPoint takes some planning and design skills. Follow these tips to take your presentations to the next level.

Use a Simple, Consistent Design

The most important thing is keeping your design clean and consistent.

  • Choose an appropriate template or create your own slide master with fonts, colors, and layouts you will use throughout the presentation. This creates unity across all slides.
  • Only include necessary information. Eliminate clutter and focus on your key messages.
  • Use ample white space and avoid cramming too much on each slide. White space helps focus attention.
  • Limit text and rely more on images, charts, icons, etc to communicate visually.

Focus on One Main Idea Per Slide

  • Every slide should focus on one key message or idea. This helps audience comprehension.
  • Use succinct bullet points or short sentences rather than paragraphs of text.
  • Allow your talking points to provide more detail rather than trying to put everything on the slides.

Use Quality Visuals

Visuals make presentations more memorable and engaging.

  • Use high quality, relevant images to communicate key information.
  • Credit images appropriately if required.
  • Use charts, graphs, icons, etc. to represent data visually.
  • Use animations and transitions sparingly for emphasis rather than distraction.

Check Readability

  • Use large, readable font sizes like 32+ pt for titles and 24+ pt for text.
  • Sans serif fonts (like Arial) are easiest to read on screens.
  • Dark text on light background provides greatest contrast.
  • Limit your color palette and ensure accessibility for color blind viewers.

Practice Effective Delivery

  • Practice your presentation with slides to get smooth pacing and flow.
  • Do not read directly from slides. Elaborate on slide content in your narrative.
  • Maintain eye contact and engage your audience as much as possible.
  • Use slide notes or presenter view if needed for reference.

Bonus Tips

  • Cite sources directly on slides using footnotes if references are needed
  • Check grammar, spelling, formatting across all slides
  • Save slides as PDF if presenting on various devices
  • Print handouts of key slides if desired
  • Back up presentation and bring on USB drive as a contingency

Following these PowerPoint design principles and presentation skills will help you create professional, beautiful, and effective slideshows. The most important thing is crafting a clear message and story tailored specifically to your audience. Leverage visuals to enhance understanding and engagement, while eliminating anything extraneous. Stay focused on your key ideas and make sure they stand out on each slide.

With some thoughtful planning and design choices, you can create presentations that look amazing and also do a fantastic job communicating your ideas. Pay attention to layout, fonts, images, animations and everything that makes up your slide deck. It’s worth investing time upfront to polish your slides, because a clean and beautiful presentation leaves a great impression and reflects well on you as the presenter.


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