How to Make a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Into a Video

Sharing presentations as videos is becoming increasingly popular. Videos are more engaging, easier to view on different devices, and simpler to share on social media or video platforms. Converting your PowerPoint slides into a video can expand your reach and make your content more interactive.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to export your PowerPoint presentation as a video file in simple steps.

Why Convert a PowerPoint File to Video

Here are some key benefits of converting your PowerPoint slides to video:

  • Increased accessibility – Videos can be played on any device without requiring PowerPoint. This makes your content accessible to a wider audience.
  • Enhanced engagement – Videos bring presentations to life with smooth transitions, animations, narrations, etc. making them more engaging.
  • Easier sharing – Videos can be easily uploaded to video sites like YouTube and shared via messaging apps. Presentations as videos have higher chances of going viral.
  • Flexible playback – Viewers can pause, rewind or skip portions as per their convenience enhancing user experience.
  • Reusable content – The same video can be reused in multiple applications like in training videos, social posts, tutorials, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert PowerPoint to Video

Follow these simple steps to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video:

1. Open PowerPoint Presentation

Launch PowerPoint and open the presentation you want to convert into a video. Ensure all slides are finalized.

2. Go to Export Option

Go to File > Export and click on Create a Video option.

3. Configure Video Settings

Select the video quality and size under video settings. For most purposes, Full HD 1080p gives the best balance of quality and file size.

4. Set Timings

You can set the duration for which you want each slide to appear in the video under Seconds spent on each slide. 5 seconds per slide is set by default.

5. Include Narrations

If you have narrations and timings recorded for slides, check Use Recorded Timings and Narrations so they are included in the video.

6. Select Output Video Format

For video format, MP4 is recommended for maximum compatibility. Other options like MOV may have limited device support.

7. Export Video

Finally, click on Create Video to start the export process. Choose name, save location and confirm settings.

The video creation time will vary depending on the length and complexity of your PowerPoint presentation. Once done, you’ll have a video version of your slide deck ready to share!

Video Conversion – Expert Tips

Here are some pro tips to help you successfully convert your PowerPoint files to video:

  • Test videos on different devices after export to ensure proper playback.
  • Balance between video resolution and file size based on your usage – higher video quality results in larger files.
  • Use third-party video converters like Movavi if you want advanced customization options.
  • Preview slides in Presenter View before exporting to video to check timings and flow.
  • For voiceovers, record narrations in a studio environment using professional microphones for best audio quality.
  • Add captions to make videos accessible. PowerPoint allows you to include subtitles in the exported video.
  • Use high-quality images in slides – pixelated images will look worse in videos. Compress pictures to optimize file size.
  • Slides with heavy animations and transitions may not convert well to video. Simplify effects if needed.

Share Your PowerPoint Video!

Once your PowerPoint presentation is ready as a video, you can share it across platforms for wider reach. Some popular ways to share PowerPoint videos include:

  • Upload to video sharing sites like YouTube
  • Share on social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Host on cloud storage like Google Drive and share view access
  • Send via messaging/email to individuals or small groups
  • Embed on blogs, websites, e-learning portals
  • Play back during in-person meetings, conferences

So next time you have a great presentation, convert it into an engaging video using the steps above and unlock more value from your hard work!