How to Make Google Slides Play Automatically (5 Steps)

Playing your Google Slides automatically can be a great way to enhance your presentations. Whether you want to create a seamless slideshow or set up a display, autoplay takes the effort out of manually advancing slides.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to make Google Slides play automatically using both presentation mode and web publishing.

Enable Autoplay in Presentation Mode

The easiest way to autoplay your slides is directly within Google Slides using presentation mode. Here’s how:

1. Open Google Slides Presentation

First, open the Google Slides presentation you want to autoplay in your browser.

2. Switch to Slideshow Mode

In the top right corner, click on “Slideshow” to switch to fullscreen presentation mode.

3. Open Settings Menu

In the bottom left corner of the slideshow, click on the three dot icon to open the slideshow settings menu.

4. Select Autoplay

In the menu, choose the “Autoplay” option. A popup will appear allowing you to configure autoplay settings.

5. Set Timing and Looping

Use the slider or dropdown to select how long each slide displays for before automatically advancing. Enable looping if you want the presentation to start again from the beginning after the last slide.

6. Start Presentation

Click the “Play” button to start autoplay! The slides will now advance automatically based on the duration you set.

Autoplay Settings When Publishing

You can also configure Google Slides to autoplay when publishing your presentation to the web.

1. Open Publish Dialog

In your Google Slides menu, go to File > Publish to the web. The publish dialog box will open.

2. Choose Link or Embed

Select whether you want a direct link to your slides or embed code to display them on a web page.

3. Set Auto-Advance Duration

Use the “Auto-advance slides” dropdown to choose a duration for slides to display before advancing automatically.

4. Enable Looping

Check the box next to “Loop playback” if you want your slides to start over from the beginning after the last slide plays.

5. Publish Slideshow

Click the “Publish” button. Your slides are now ready to autoplay for anyone with the provided link or embed code!

Customize Additional Playback Options

A few other playback settings to consider for an enhanced automatic slideshow:

  • Start slideshow automatically on open
  • Hide controls and prevent manual navigation
  • Optimize performance for smoother playback

Explore the options when publishing or presenting to customize the experience further.

Embed Videos That Autoplay

You can also embed videos set to autoplay when their slide appears:

  • Insert video onto slide
  • Right click > Format options
  • Check Autoplay when presenting
  • Video will play automatically!


Enabling your Google Slides to play on their own takes just a few clicks. Use presentation mode for live shows or publish to the web for self-running displays.

Autoplay makes it easy to deliver presentations without manual work or the risk of forgetting to advance slides. Take advantage of these options to amplify your next slideshow!