How to Make Google Slides Orientation Portrait

Most digital content is presented in a horizontal 16:9 ratio which has been around for decades. Over the years, we get wider and wider screens, but around the same time, we also saw the increased use of taller screens fueled by the advancement of modern smartphones.

This is one example of why the widescreen format is not one size fits all. A lot of services have to adapt vertical screens to satisfy the demand.

Google Slides uses widescreen as the default slide size. But with a few tweaks, you can change the dimension to be vertical or portrait. Check out the guide below!

1. Open a Google Slides presentation you want to switch to portrait.

2. Then go to File > Page setup.

3. Choose Custom.

4. Select the unit first. It would help you adjust the size accurately. In this example, I’m using Pixels but feel free to use others.

5. Enter the width and height then click Apply.

6. The slide has been converted from widescreen to portrait.

Changing a slide’s dimension will greatly affect its content. A wide photo might not be best served with a portrait orientation. Further editing after the conversion may be necessary to ensure the quality of the presentation.

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