How to Make Hanging Indent in PowerPoint Using WPS Presentation

A hanging indent is an indentation formatting style where the first line of a paragraph starts at the margin and subsequent lines are indented. This creates a “hanging” effect, making the text more visually appealing and easier to read.

Hanging indents are commonly used for bibliographies, reference lists, outlines, etc. They help distinguish between entries and improve readability.

While Microsoft PowerPoint doesn’t have a direct option to create hanging indents, they can be made using WPS Presentation – a free alternative to PowerPoint.

Benefits of Using Hanging Indents

Here are some benefits of using hanging indents in PowerPoint presentations:

Enhanced Readability

The hanging indentation allows viewers to easily scan and differentiate between items in a list. This improves readability, especially for lengthy lists.

Professional Formatting

Hanging indents make your presentations look neat, polished and professionally formatted. This can leave a good impression on your audience.

Works Well for References

Hanging indents are ideally suited for bibliography slides, reference lists, works cited, etc. They help distinguish between individual entries.

Visually Appealing

Hanging indentation breaks the monotony of text formatting. The “hanging” effect makes the content more visually interesting.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to create hanging indents in PowerPoint using WPS Presentation:

Step 1: Install WPS Presentation

First, download and install WPS Presentation on your computer. It’s available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

The interface is similar to PowerPoint, making it easy to use.

Step 2: Open Presentation

Launch WPS Presentation and open the presentation you want to edit. You can also create a new blank presentation if needed.

Step 3: Select Text

Select the text on your slide where you want to add the hanging indent. You can select an entire paragraph or multiple paragraphs.

Step 4: Open Paragraph Dialog Box

Go to the “Home” tab and click the arrow next to “Paragraph” to open the Paragraph dialog box.

Paragraph Dialog Box

Step 5: Set Hanging Indent

In the Paragraph dialog box, go to the “Indentation” section. From the “Special” drop down, choose “Hanging”.

You can also set the indentation amount in the “By” input field if needed. The default is 0.5 inches.

Step 6: Apply Changes

Click “OK” to apply the hanging indent to the selected text.

That’s it! The first line will now be at the margin with subsequent lines indented.

Customizing Hanging Indents

WPS Presentation provides options to customize the hanging indent:

  • Set indentation amount in inches
  • Change indentation for different levels of text
  • Adjust spacing between lines
  • Alter font size, style, color etc.

This allows you to format the hanging indent as needed for your presentation.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some troubleshooting tips in case you face issues with the hanging indent:

  • If indent isn’t showing – Select text again and repeat steps
  • For uneven/misaligned indent – Fine tune “By” value in the dialog box
  • If text appears cramped – Reduce indentation amount or increase font size

Resetting and reapplying the indent usually resolves most formatting issues.

Advantages of Using WPS Presentation

Here are some notable advantages of using WPS Presentation over PowerPoint:

  • Free to use: WPS Presentation is free for both personal and commercial use.
  • Multi-platform: It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and online.
  • Minimalist interface: Simple and easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Full compatibility: It supports PPT, PPTX and ODP formats for seamless cross-compatibility with PowerPoint.
  • PDF conversion: Instantly convert presentations to PDF documents.
  • Cloud storage: Direct integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for online collaboration.

For most basic presentation needs, WPS Presentation is a viable free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Hanging indents improve readability through clear visual separation
  • WPS Presentation lets you easily add hanging indents with just a few clicks
  • The indentation amount, spacing, font etc. can be customized as needed
  • Troubleshoot issues by resetting and reapplying the indent formatting
  • WPS Presentation is a free, cross-platform alternative to PowerPoint

Using hanging indents and WPS Presentation, you can create professional and visually appealing presentations. The customized indent formatting will make your text stand out!