How to Make Image Round and Transparent in Google Slides

Using images effectively in your Google Slides presentations can make them more visually appealing and help convey your message better. Two useful image editing techniques are making images round and transparent. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving these effects in Google Slides.

Making Images Round

Making your images circular or oval-shaped in Google Slides allows you to highlight important visuals, create visual coherence, and make your overall design more aesthetic. Here is how to crop images into round shapes:

Step 1: Insert the Image

First, insert the image you want to make round into your Google Slides presentation. To do this, click Insert > Image and choose the image from your computer or an online source.

Step 2: Crop the Image into a Square

With the image selected, grab one of the corner handles to crop it into a perfect square. Hold down shift while resizing to retain proportion.

Step 3: Access Crop to Shape

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Crop icon in the toolbar and select Shapes.

Step 4: Choose a Circular Shape

In the shapes menu, click an oval or circular shape to mask the square image into that form.

And that’s it! You now have a round image in your Google Slides presentation. You can further customize by adjusting the crop area and dragging to reposition.

Making Images Transparent

Making images transparent allows underlying slide content to show through. This adds depth and layers visual elements. Here is how to make images transparent in Google Slides:

Step 1: Insert the Image

As before, insert the image you want to make transparent via Insert > Image.

Step 2: Open Format Options

With the image selected, click Format options in the toolbar (or right-click and choose it).

Step 3: Adjust Transparency

In the sidebar that opens, go to Adjustments > Transparency and drag the slider left or right to adjust transparency as desired.

And the image will now have transparency! You can make it fully see-through or just slightly translucent.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for rounding and transparenting images in Google Slides:

  • Use high-resolution source images for best results
  • Resize images as needed after editing
  • Layer multiple transparent images for layered collage effects
  • Use rounded images behind transparent overlays to create frames
  • Animate your edited images for extra visual interest

So that covers the basics of making images circular and transparent in Google Slides! Use these tools to take your presentations to the next level visually and creatively.