How to Make Text Appear on Click in PowerPoint

In the world of presentation, many presenters built anticipation and then suddenly show a word or sentence on the presentation display. This trick is so simple, yet very strong to release the tension and to an extent, satisfy the audience and increase their attention.

To make text appear on command, or on click to be precise, we can utilize an animation effect to make it happen.

So when we click, the animation will play and showing the text. Depending on the animation style, the text can just suddenly appear, moving from somewhere, bouncing, falling, and more.

Here’s how to make text appear in a PowerPoint slide.

1. First, type the text you want it to appear and select it.

2. Go to Animations and select the animation style you want. For a basic effect, I want to make the text just Appear out of nowhere.

3. Still under the Animations menu, make sure that the animation starts with the On Click command.

Now you can test the animation and see how it performs on the slide. You can even add multiple text boxes each with an individual ‘On Click’ command. The number on the top left represents their order sequence.

If you handling a dozen of animations, open Animation Pane to customize the order, duration, delay, and effects in a chronological manner. I have made a guide about animation timing which you can read here.

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