How to Make Text Wrap Around an Image in Google Slides

Did you know how to make your presentation slide look catchy? If you didn’t know, there are multiple ways offer you to make your presentation slides look eye-catching to the audience.

In this case, we suggest you have the text wrap-around images in your presentation. The text wrap-around images in the presentation slide are a good idea or a great way of making your presentation quality look more professional without too much effort. 

If Google Docs have a wrap text, in Google Slides, we don’t have a wrap text option as Google Docs does. Sadly, there’s only a workaround option in Google Slides for wrapping the text. 

Considering that, you don’t have to be confused. You need to calm your mind. No worries. Here, we offer you the simplest solution to make text wrap an image in Google Slides. So, let’s follow the instructions below!

1. First of all, launch your Google Slides. Then, insert your favorite images into your slides. Make sure to locate the image properly.

2. Second, select the text box. You can find it in under the Insert on the toolbar menu. When the text box has appeared, add the text you wish to be displayed on the slide. 

3. Third, click on the text box edges where the blue line is located. Then, drag it to resize it as you wish alongside the image you want to wrap it around.

4. Lastly, the text box to wrap around the image should be lined up. Finally, you can wrap the text around the image.

Most of the time, a slide or presentation will be more impactful if you can combine the text with images. Besides, you can use it to provide context by explaining it with a visual example to make it more appealing to your target audiences.

When the text and images are present at the same time correctly, it would be nice if they didn’t look overlap. As a result, this is the reason why you need to wrap the text around images properly to make it looks much better and solve this problem.

Like PowerPoint, Google Slides has no options to resolve this problem. However, we can still resolve it by positioning the text boxes to accomplish a similar result.

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