How to Narrate a PowerPoint on Mac

Narrating a PowerPoint presentation on a Mac is easy with the built-in recording features in PowerPoint. By adding narration, you can bring your slides to life and provide additional context that text alone cannot convey. Follow these steps to record narration for your presentation:

Prepare Your Presentation

Before you start recording, take some time to prepare:

  • Organize your slides into a logical flow. Make sure the information builds from slide to slide.
  • Write out a script or talking points for what you want to say. Don’t read it word-for-word, but have it there for reference.
  • Rehearse your narration a few times to refine what you want to say. Get comfortable with the content.
  • Check that you have the right equipment:
  • A good microphone for clear audio
  • Headphones to avoid feedback
  • A quiet environment for clean recording

Record Your Narration

When you’re ready to record:

  1. Open your PowerPoint file and plug in your microphone
  2. Click on the Slide Show tab
  3. Click on Record Slide Show (or Record Narration depending on your version)
  4. Choose your audio input device
  5. Click Record to start narrating your first slide
  • Speak clearly and steadily as you present each slide
  • Pause for 1-2 seconds between slides to prevent audio cutoff
  • Avoid reading text directly from slides – elaborate on key points
  • Click or use arrow keys to advance to the next slide

When you finish, press Esc to end the recording.

Review and Edit Your Recording

After recording your full presentation:

  • Review the audio for each slide – replay if needed
  • Edit any mistakes – re-record slides as necessary
  • Listen for awkward pauses, mumbling, filler words like “um”, etc.
  • Leave a few seconds of silence at the start and end of each recording

Refining the audio at this stage makes a big difference in quality!

Export Your Presentation

Once satisfied with all narrations:

  • File > Export > Create a Video
  • Choose a resolution like 720p or 1080p
  • Select an output format like .mp4, .wmv or .mov
  • Name your video file and export it

The exported video combines your animated slides with the synced narration audio.

Presentation Tips

Here are some tips for an effective narrated PowerPoint:

  • Speak conversationally and with expression
  • Avoid monotone delivery throughout
  • Use pauses strategically for emphasis
  • Vary volume and tone for impact
  • Keep recordings under 1 minute per slide
  • Add intro/outro slides with presentation overview
  • Include speaker notes for reference

Share Your Presentation

Now you have a professional narrated video presentation ready to share! Here are some options:

  • Email the video file directly
  • Upload it to a video sharing platform
  • Post it to a company intranet site
  • Play it during an online meeting or webinar
  • Burn it to a DVD for physical distribution

Adding quality narration to your PowerPoint turns it into a dynamic video presentation that will resonate with your viewers. Follow these Mac narration tips for best results!